June 2010

Red, White + Gold

June 30, 2010

GAH!! This always happens. The minute I finish a final exam, turn in a paper…or see the end of my internship in sight.. relaxation on the horizon…..THE BLOG CRASHES. Seriously, there is nothing more stressful to me than technological troubles. I spent the afternoon chatting with Dreamhost, who took an awfully long time to figure […]

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3 Bears Are Better Than 1

June 30, 2010
IMG_5725 (427x640)

I’m buying my lunch today!! Second-to-last day at the hospital, so I’m treating myself Plus, this hospital has pretty good food! Especially the organic cafe downstairs and elaborate salad bar. In the meantime, here’s a little Beartainment for you. *** Bear History For those of you who don’t know, The Bears are just an inside […]

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Butter Me Up Buttercup

June 30, 2010
IMG_5997 (640x427)

I never set my alarm last night!! But lucky me, I woke up at 5:52, which is probably when I would have crawled out of bed anyways. Close one! Guess my mind if gearing up for vacation mode 😉 Felt like a SIAB this AM! TF’s Sunflower Butter made an excellent drizzle!! My coconut milk […]

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New Arrivals

June 29, 2010

Busy day My presentation went well though! My GI tract was all nervous and I ended up being starving all afternoon – with no time to eat because I had a long list of patients to see! I don’t think my lunch was big enough. I finally devoured my emergency bag of almonds and apricots […]

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Extra Dark

June 29, 2010
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My second-to-last lunchbox to pack!!! As this post publishes, I’m minutes away from giving my case study presentation. Despite being moderately outgoing, I REALLY don’t like public speaking!! I’m probably shaking in my boots Danskos! Not sure if I’ll get to eat this before or after (it’s a lunch presentation) or nibble my way through. […]

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June 29, 2010

FINALLY slept well But I may have stayed up too late reading The Tale of Edgar Sawtelle! It’s a beautifully written book. Our whole family is reading it for the Beach Trip Book Club next week. [Ahhhhhh I’m going to the beach next week!!!!] Romeo was gone by 2:20 this morning. He’s got an extra […]

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Water Therapy

June 28, 2010
IMG_0098 (640x480)

If floating around in a pool burns calories, then I got a GREAT workout this afternoon!!! 😉 😉 I had those anxiety chest pains all day today. I think it was just the stress of moving on top of going back to work and having my own floors and all. The day went well, but […]

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