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Explore posts written by a Registered Dietitian on healthy mindset, why real food matters, and a non-diet approach.

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Quick and easy family-friendly recipes made with real food that don’t take all day to make.

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Think Big: Beautycounter Mascara Review

August 4, 2021People have lots of opinions about mascara! The new Beautycounter mascara is out! Here's my honest review of the Think Big All-In-One Mascara from the formula to taking it off. Mascaras are polarizing!  I'll admit, Beautycounter's previous mascara formulations weren't…Read More

10 Easy No Cook Summer Recipes

August 2, 2021Whether you're heading to a picnic or grilling out at home, these easy no cook summer recipes are delicious and healthy dishes to enjoy on a hot day. Hot Days, Cool Meals Let me preface this post by saying that…Read More
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hi, I’m Kath!

I’m a Registered Dietitian, healthy eater, and mom of two from Charlottesville, Virginia. Here you’ll find a healthy mix of real-life meals made from whole ingredients balanced with the pleasures of life, including buttercream frosting and good wine. Plus a sprinkle of nutrition, home life, beauty, parenting, and organizing.

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How To Organize Your Digital Clutter

February 12, 2021Are you drowning in digital clutter? Learn how to conquer digital organization with a simple system that takes no more than one hour each week so you can spend more time doing what you love! Here's an overview of the…Read More

Beautycounter Products For Brighter Skin

May 8, 2020These two Beautycounter products for brighter skin have changed my skin for the better (er, brighter!) Get a promo code on your first order at the bottom of the post! The Glow Skin Duo While I've had a solid skincare…Read More

Healthy Mindset

The Squiggly Line Effect

July 19, 2021One of my most popular post concepts, the Squiggly Line Effect, shows you that maintaining a healthy weight is not solely ruled by a mathematical formula that you must adhere to perfectly every day. Rather, it's fluid and flexible. When…Read More

How To Eat Healthy At McDonald’s

April 28, 2021Looking for tips on how to eat healthy at McDonald's? Read on for my experience having lunch at McDonald's on our recent car trip.  How to Eat Healthy at McDonald's Step 1: Order food Step 2: Eat it Let me…Read More

Oatmeal Recipes

Oatmeal Pancake Recipe

May 14, 2020One of KERF's oldest recipes, this single serving oatmeal pancake recipe combines quick oats, a whole egg, baking powder, and cinnamon for a hearty skillet pancake ready in minutes! My oldest recipe? This oatmeal pancake recipe might be the oldest…Read More

Instant Overnight Oats

April 23, 2020I have a new technique for you: Instant Overnight Oats. It's the short cut for the short cut of eating oatmeal! Sometimes you just don't have all night ;) New breakfast: Instant Overnight Oats Is that an oxymoron?! I think…Read More

Home Organizing

How To Organize Anything In Your House

July 26, 2021Whether you’re tackling your closet, your kitchen, or your computer files, there are three main steps that will teach you how to organize anything - here's how!   There's not much I love more than a thorough organizing project. When…Read More

Affordable Home Office Decor

June 30, 2021Ready to upgrade your work from home space with some budget-friendly finds? I'm sharing affordable home office décor from earthy elements and minimalist vibes to bright and bold statement pieces - something for every style!  ^^ one of my many versions…Read More