June 2012

Live From The Porch

June 30, 2012
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It’s Saturday night!! IMatt and I love to entertain and decided we wanted to do one BIG party this summer. Something to celebrate our new porch, the long summer days and the best food of the year. We invited lots of our friends and neighbors and spent the day getting things ready. From shrimp and […]

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Did They Hear That?

June 30, 2012

Because they have a lot of ears! And pounds of potatoes We’re doing a low-country boil tonight! Shrimp and kielbasa in the fridge. For vegetarian protein, I made a big bean salad. A Red, White + Blue Black Bean salad! I made the black beans from scratch yesterday and added cans of kidney and cannellini […]

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2.75 on the move!

June 30, 2012

Family of 2.75 up and at ‘em! I had a quick bowl of cereal – Whole Foods brand frosted mini wheats – with blueberries, banana, PB and milk And then we headed to the market where we picked up pounds and pounds of potatoes, 25 ears of corn and a whole lotta local Rock Barn […]

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Sweat Expectations

June 29, 2012

Sure, it’s really, really hot out there. But give me some shade, a bottle of cold water and a fan and I can handle it! It just requires washing everything I’m wearing and a cold shower before bed – and some sweat expectations! [Holy bump growth spurt!!!! 31 weeks today!] Afternoon snack (plus 2 bottles […]

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You’re A Grand Old Flag

June 29, 2012

GRAND INDEED! Last night Matt and I hung up this beautiful flag that my grandmother gave me when she moved out of her house a few years ago. She has always had a thing for flags and had many in her house. This MAY have been a flag my grandfather brought back from WWII (because […]

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Seedy & Nutty

June 29, 2012

Good [hot & steamy] morning!! I discovered two frozen Kashi waffles in my freezer yesterday – I don’t think I’ve had this breakfast in a trimester! It sure is a fun one though. I layered in sliced banana, nut butter, blueberries and greek yogurt – with lots of chia on top. I restocked my chia […]

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Song Of The South

June 28, 2012
2012-06-28 16.05.35

I rallied this afternoon and eventually did go for a walk – a longer walk than anticipated! Sarah Smart came over for a visit and we walked downtown together. She was on her way to get her nails done with a Groupon and we had a time walking all around finding the salon! I ran […]

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