August 2012

Get Smart

August 29, 2012

Karen and I had a nice morning out – she is now feeling extra smart with her brand new Galaxy S III! I am DYING for this phone since my Samsung Infuse is not eligible for the Android ice cream sandwich update. I have to wait until March to get it discounted on my AT&T […]

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AM or PM

August 29, 2012

If there was an Olympic event for mind racing, I think mine would have medaled last night. I was up around 2:30 just thinking and thinking and thinking of all kinds of exciting things. It’s not really conscious – I just can’t make it stop! Mostly positive vibes – I’m not feeling that anxious about […]

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Green Screen

August 28, 2012

Boy is this an exciting week. Baby’s due. (Duh) KERFiversary – 5 years Video crew to my house. Also, I was asked to be on a major talk show and invited on an international press trip that would have taken place this week and had to turn down both because I can’t travel!!!! Bummer!!!! The […]

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August 28, 2012

Well, the crew is not here. They are on flight delay #2. They might not even come! I imagine we will just have to reschedule for after baby if they can’t get here in time. Such a bummer, I’ve been waiting all day! Lunch today was leftover corn + tomato + bean salad – with […]

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Red + Green

August 28, 2012

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Maybe I will get a present from Santa today ; ) I was up earlier than normal this morning and hungrier than normal too! Big bowl of oats did the trick. Coach’s Oats whipped with banana, milk and water. Vanilla + cottage cheese stirred in at the […]

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Lunar Baby

August 27, 2012

[No he’s not here   Sorry for the title!] Did you know there is a full moon on my due date? And not just any ole full moon – a BLUE moon! I am always looking for the meaning in things. I was hoping for a birthday of 8.26.12 because 2+6 is 8 and 2×6 […]

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The 9 Month Weight

August 27, 2012

I walked downtown today…. For my final Pump Challenge class!! At least for a while : ) Next Monday is Labor Day so my normal class would be different (if I am still pregnant) and by the week after that I should have a baby in my arms to lift! I have to thank my […]

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