January 2012

Turn Up The Volume

January 29, 2012

Morning!! We’re having the Sunday morning of our dreams over here. Slept very late. Put oats in the rice cooker and did chores (I know I said I didn’t buy the cooker for oats, but I’m really enjoying the hands off right now!) And 2+ episodes of Lost. About to finish Season 1! These were […]

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A Trip To Memory Lane

January 28, 2012

We were lucky to be invited to our friends Sara + Juan’s house for dinner tonight. We haven’t seen them since Christmas and we missed them! What’s super cool is that we became friends because they rented our rental Craftsman after us, so tonight was like going home for dinner! I offered to bring a […]

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I Will Walk Five Hundred Miles

January 28, 2012
2012-01-28 12.37.27Blog

I was gearing up for a run this morning when I found Matt’s cell phone on his nightstand. We are those kind of folks who freak out a bit if we leave the house without our phones, so I decided to run it down to him. But in the process, I realized I didn’t really […]

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Boatload Of Breakfast

January 28, 2012

This bowl always reminds me of a boat Sailing the seas of thick yogurt With passengers of blueberries, banana, Morning O’s, clusters, chia seeds and Chia Charger. An unsinkable ship

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You Know How It Goes

January 27, 2012

A chirpy Friday afternoon with birds bathing in our downspout A cereal snack to tide me to dinner Followed by a husband homecoming and a walk to B Double E Double R U N!! Grab a cold one to start the weekend. This was the Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster’s Reserve “The Companion.” She was a beauty […]

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Lunch On The Porch

January 27, 2012

When we first dreamed up our porch, we were super excited. It was hot out and we ate dinner out on the front porch every night. Then winter came, and although I do use the porch everyday for my photography, it has a long ways to go to become an outdoor room. We need to […]

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Hotter Hotter Colder Colder

January 27, 2012

What a wonderful pleasant surprise – it is 61* outside!!! We have had such a mild winter. Barely a half inch of snow so far. The weekend looks excellent. Hiking time! I actually have the window above my desk open right now and I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying the fresh air. I’ve […]

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