September 2011

Hi From The Pumpkin Oven

September 28, 2011
IMG_0580 (600x450)

Back at the center of the baked good universe! I have had a wonderful 2 weeks’ vacation, but boy have I missed this place. Including my FRIENDS! Alex, Jenny, Ellen and I are hanging out today! We have such a good time. Another friend came in to meet me for lunch – Sami! She’s been […]

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6 lbs of pumpkin

September 28, 2011

Not shortage of pumpkin in this house!! Although Matt has laid claim to 4 lbs of this for pumpkin beer brewing today. But that still leaves me with 2 lbs plus a whole second can…when I’m ready I put it to good use in a smoothie today. Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Tasted JUST like mom’s pumpkin […]

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House Turns Into Home

September 27, 2011

So so pleased with our IKEA storage systems!!!!!!!!! Also, the installation company, AIS. The day went so well…..well, except for the 2 missing parts and major missing single piece. More on that later! I’ve never had a closet this sweet! So much room to grow in to But notice the missing clothes rail on the […]

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Highlights + Lowlights

September 27, 2011

Well my hair is the same color But I’ve had a lot of highs and lows today. HIGHLIGHT The entire crockpot pot fits in my extra long sink! This might seem like a small thing, but boy is cleaning easier when it’s not at a diagonal in a 2-compartment I’m a’makin’ beans! LOWLIGHT Our couch […]

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September 27, 2011

Another reason I love Cville: pedestrians actually get the right away. As a runner this morning, Cars rushing to work stopped when I was waiting at a crosswalk to cross. Dog owners paused to sit their dog while I passed by. And even the rain decided to stop for 45 minutes so I could jog […]

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Level Headed

September 26, 2011

My friends, today I saw the light! Only briefly, but it was there. A patch of afternoon sun. Meanwhile, I built some shelves. Pretty proud of this accomplishment! Now we have double the storage downstairs! The secret of life: use a level when hanging photos and building things. Especially if you’re alone with no eyeballs […]

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From My Head Down To My Legs

September 26, 2011

Not too much going on today other than lots of rain, Body Pump, laundry and computer work. I’m catching up after being gone for 36 hours with no computer! Thankfully my phone rocks and I was able to respond to some emails while traveling, but one thing about this job is it never slows down…except […]

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