August 27, 2014

I enjoyed a good variety of breakfasts this week – with delicious summery fruits! First up was scrambled eggs with leftover pancakes from the weekend and a nice nectarine. Aren’t nectarines nice?! I’m planning to do a scrambled egg video soon – just gotta find time when Matt is around to film! This granola-covered bowl […]

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Beds + Spreads

November 27, 2012

Top of the delicious morning! We had our weekly terrible night’s sleep last night, but somehow I felt OK all day. I’m still in complete awe over how awake I feel during the daytime. We are nearly 3 months in to parenthood, and despite having a baby who most definitely does not sleep through the […]

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Me & My Man

November 21, 2012

The bakery is busy busy busy, so Matt was gone before sunrise this morning. That meant I spent the whole day just my little man and me! Starting with breakfast. Baby in his seat, mom at the stove making oats! Whipped banana oatmeal in a Wild Squirrel Jar! I reallyyyy enjoyed this vanilla espresso the […]

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So Dreamy

August 2, 2012

A bonus to not sleeping well = more dreams! I’d say 90% of the dreams I have I enjoy, and there were some fun (and weird!) ones last night! I woke up yesterday saying that my rib muscles and hips were feeling nearly symptom free and things changed for the worse by bedtime. Puzzled. I […]

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Tricky Tastebuds

May 11, 2012

Want to know something strange? Oats in a jar isn’t as good to me as it used to be. It’s more when I get to the bottom with the nut butter – even though it’s only about 1-2 tbsp there, it’s just too much. I even left some in the jar this morning. I’ve found […]

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With Silver Bells, and Cockle Shells

May 2, 2012

I barely recognize our yard anymore. There is no more mountain view (and no more warehouse view!) – all you see is green! The garden is coming up nicely too Little lettuces! Freshly planted tomatoes! The herbs And the relocated potted mint Can’t wait to consume it all! One major perk to selling Wild Squirrel […]

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Always Worth The Trouble

April 25, 2012

Another nightly debate…should I take 2 minutes to make overnight oats? YES. Always worth it. My favorite breakfast!! 1/3 cup oats, milk, greek yogurt, 1 whole small banana, 2 tsp chia seeds, cinnamon, pinch salt. This AM: Clusters!! And some Wild Squirrel. Sippin’ on lime H2O Have a good one!

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