March 2012

A Wealth In Common

March 31, 2012

After a couple of episodes of Portlandia and a bit of relaxation, we found ourselves recharged enough to venture back out into the world. We did a few laps on the downtown mall before settling in for dinner. Had to work back our appetites!   Back in October, at our first visit to Commonwealth, Larbs […]

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Full On Fun

March 31, 2012

This morning’s race was great (met many-a-blog readers, a handful of friends and tons of enthusiastic customers, new and old!). We left the race and returned to the bakery to find it slammed busy, so Matt and I stayed there until 1pm helping out. Larbs and Matt met us at the end of a run, […]

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Breaking Dawn

March 31, 2012

Ahoy from the annual Cville 10 Miler! We sliced at this race last year, before the bakery was open, and I can’t tell you how GLAD we are to have a thriving bakery this year! Many thanks to Gran Bett for our new (old) company truck that made logistics soooooo much easier! Last year we […]

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A Casual Friday Dinner

March 30, 2012
2012-03-30 16.36.11Blog

[The afternoon snack] [The décor] [The company] [The table] [The cook] [The salad] [The cheese] [The pizza, x3] [The dinner, x3] [The dessert, Monticello Heritage Chocolate] [The porch] [The end.]

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Group Work

March 30, 2012

Body Pump was cancelled today, but Katherine and I improvised and did our own pump session in the free weights area. Pump classes have taught me so much about weight lifting. It’s so easy for me to replicate a shorter version of the class with the same order of exercises and style of movement so […]

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On The Way

March 30, 2012

Good oatmeal morning to you all! It’s crisp and chilly outside, but I can tell warmth is on the way. So are Larbs and Matt! They’re coming for a visit this weekend. So I warmed up for Friday with a bowl of cottage cheese-strawberry whipped banana oats enhanced with a blob of crusty almond butter. […]

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Baked Beans

March 29, 2012

Whew, my talk on nutrition + real food tonight went really well!! I am a very nervous public speaker, especially when it comes to the anticipation before a presentation begins, but once it gets going I’m ok. I got myself out of breath a few times tonight though! I had a packed room of students […]

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