August 2010

The Arts

August 29, 2010
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Do you know why I love oatmeal so much? There is an art to eating it. Some foods you just stuff in your mouth. Perhaps some of you have an art to your cereal eating, but for me I just stuff it in so it stays crunchy and it’s gone. Same with morning toast. Gone. […]

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It’s Amazing I Can Still Type

August 28, 2010
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Now 60% of the fingers on my right hand are injured…watch out thumb and pinky! This afternoon I was pulling the garage door down with all of my might while my hand was on a ledge that closes in as the door straightens. Who knew!? I was paralyzed for a moment with my two fingers […]

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August 28, 2010
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Ride, baby, riddddde. Matt took me on my first countryside ride this morning, although we didn’t quite make it to the country. I’ve been warming up to riding as a vehicle, and riding here in Cville is SO much better than the fierce drivers in Charlotte. Just add a big "2" Before we got countrified, […]

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Baby Beluga

August 28, 2010
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Well, it makes excellent brown water!!! = Human error. We have to figure out the right proportion of grounds to water. We used to use a heaping 1/3 cup grounds for 40 oz of French press and it was perfect. So we used the same with this and it was very weak. Next time we’re […]

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Alive After Five

August 27, 2010
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Two wheeler!!! Biking is FUN!!! [Being an adult is NOT fun and we spent the afternoon doing adult things like reviewing health insurance policies and LLCs – guf.] But then Friday really started and we headed downtownnnnnn!! See my new red + black bike bag? It’s pretty awesome. It snaps onto my rack and I […]

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Motorless Vehicle

August 27, 2010
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So if you guessed DMV, you were RIGHT. However, VA is having trouble with their licensing system and we weren’t able to go (luckily we found this out online first!) So we went to find another kind of motor vehicle! We saved up for me to buy a new bike a while ago, but with […]

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August 27, 2010
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Mornin’ Feeling smooth today. Matt and I were supposed to go running first thing because we have a lot of errands to run today, but Bikram did a number on my spine! I’m pretty stiff/sore, so I’m taking a rest day to run the errands instead of the roads. Composition Half banana, half peach (Matt […]

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