December 2009

The Eagle Flies At Midnight

December 31, 2009
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Lots of eagle poses were done today! After breakfast set out in an E-Z-GO to show Justin + Amanda the island. Sadly it was freezing cold and damp but it was still fun to explore. Justin is very much into his new DSLR 😉 For you dad: The ocean! When we returned home we were […]

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Year End Brex

December 31, 2009
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Another delish Marsh Harbor brex! I made some more microwave banana rolled oats for our dreary day topped with fresh berries, granola and some of that freshly ground almond butter from the co-op yesterday. There’s that almond butter under there! Coffee. For food + beverage pairing. Our new inn friend wanted me to put his […]

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Land Lubbin’

December 30, 2009
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We made it all the way ashore and back today. It’s quite the trip to make with the ferry and all. I thought Wilmington was just a skip and a jump from Southport, but the drive ended up being close to an hour! It was OK, though because we got to visit with Holly and […]

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Hot Cross Buns

December 30, 2009
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The Baker got up extra early to bake off fresh rolls for breakfast for everyone with the pizza dough leftovers I had mine topped with butter and jam. So doughy, so delicious.   A hard boiled egg for some protein. Eggs are a near perfect food!   Fruity Two cups of joe I prefer one-bowl […]

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Filling A Void

December 29, 2009
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I was totally pooped this afternoon and spent some fun time reading my book I missed out while the boys went playin’ And snacked on a Fruition bar when I got hungry at 4:30 We had cocktail hour up in the suite with the view – it was a gorgeous sunset! Now that Larbs + […]

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Read, Run, Relax, Repeat

December 29, 2009
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Breakfast fun! I made sure to eat oats today so I’d have plenty of energy for our run 1/2 cup oats (prepackaged with chia, cinnamon and salt) with 3/4 of a banana, a splash of milk, fresh berries, granola and a little Barney Butter. I had some of the inn’s coffee today to get my […]

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Prawns, Pie + Paradise

December 28, 2009
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Paradise   After mucho reading, Mom, Matt and I went on a sunset walk   It was QUITE breezy and chilly, but as soon as you get a’movin’ you warm up Karen had made some popcorn this afternoon and I had a few handfuls ’cause I was hangry! When we returned from our walk, dad […]

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