Long Lost Lately

December 10, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some regular meals with you guys! But don’t worry – I’ve been eatin’! Mazen wanted to steal this buttery jam roll right off my plate! I gave him a few bites instead. Served with a fried egg and lots of grapes. Oatmeal made a comeback mixed with some […]

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Lately: Healthy Week

April 20, 2013

After our Tucson vacation, Matt and I were both craving super healthy meals. Luckily I stocked the fridge and we ate just that! I took a stab at Gina’s Cookie Dough Cereal myself. It wasn’t as good as hers! I think because I used far less sunflower butter than she did : ) However, it […]

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Thinking Ahead

April 9, 2013

I really love smoothies – especially for an afternoon snack. But I do not like cleaning my blender, easy as it is to do. Other afternoon snacks require no dish washing and therefore always win out. But lately I’ve realized that like many other meals I make, I should cook blend once, eat twice! I’ve […]

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One At A Time

December 3, 2012

Still in love with French toast – one bite at a time! Actually, mom requested it a second day. Otherwise I was going to have yogurt. But I will not turn it down. There has to be something chemical about my new French toast addiction though — I’m not sure I’ve had this big of […]

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Stop And Taste The Honeysuckle

May 3, 2012
2012-05-03 12.26.39

Especially if you are in need of some sugar during a long walk! I worked in the clouds this morning and as soon as the sun came out, it was time to meet up with my mother’s group for a walk! Good timing! We walked along the river, 3 strollers and a bump! I covered […]

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Gas Gloves

February 21, 2012

Back home on the range!! Today’s 3.25 hour trip went by fast. Only one bathroom stop was required. Snacks supplied ample energy! I packed pretzels, clementines (3) and a PB&J to keep me going. I guess this was lunch? Grazed throughout the trip. Whole Grain Goodness with GH jam and Nuttzo Peeled clementines make an […]

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Haunted House

October 7, 2011

Our house is not haunted with ghosts or goblins. It is haunted with spiders. BIG wolf spiders with long legs. I have found 3 giant ones in the house – and found TWO in our BEDROOM this morning!!! One in the basement. I have never had a spider problem like this, but it’s freaking me […]

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