August 26, 2013

Hope your week was filled with Legos and lima beans! I enjoyed some really good ingredients – local trout and lima beans, hot oatmeal and a new overnight oats mix. Let’s get to it! A crumbled Great Harvest whole wheat blueberry lemon muffin topped with peach, banana, chia, sunbutter and Greek yogurt Doesn’t this look […]

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Second Annual Low Country Boil

May 21, 2013

A year ago we decided to live up the summer and invite all of our friends to a big backyard party. The mosquitoes thought that meant them too, so this year we held the event in May in hopes of a picture-perfect day. While we did not get the weather we had hoped for (Mother […]

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Smoky Beef Stew

April 8, 2013

Need a reason to sip beer at 9am? This is it. My series of “I need my hands free at dinnertime” slow-cooker recipes continues. This week with a slow cooked beef stew! I bought this stew beef over the winter and put it in the freezer. Now that The Great Thaw is upon us, I […]

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Goodbye Table, Hello Floor

January 9, 2013

Good evening friends!! Three square meals for you today. Plus a snack! And a cup of Pero I’m sipping as I type this. I made overnight oats last night and a double pot of coffee the day before, so all I had to do was nuke breakfast and get back to playing with Mazen this […]

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Hipster Baby Turns Into Raccoon

November 7, 2012

Presidential elections are always extra fun since they are rare occasions every 4 years – kind of like leap year! I went to bed early knowing I’d probably hear the results at the 3am feeding, but Matt woke me up with the news at 11:30! Our family celebrated breakfast with overnight oats, made with Greek […]

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Veggies With A Side Of Meat

July 31, 2012

Tuesday nights are fun!! I go to Mommy & Me-In-The-Womb yoga and Matt makes dinner. He came home a little early this afternoon to get started on a crock-pot dish with some local pork spare ribs. Our plates were full of delicious vegetables – and a little meat in the center. He even wrote out […]

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Something Old, Something New

July 18, 2012

I got in my walk – and it wasn’t even that hot!! A good 3 miles with Better Homes & Gardens. Gosh I love that magazine so much! I’m getting totally obsessive about house stuff. No, we cannot put in new countertops and cabinets right now!! But my gears are still crankin’. Even with little […]

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