July 2012

Breaking Dawn

July 29, 2012

Good morning!! I took the night off last night and relaxed and wrote tons of thank you notes! We were all so full from cake that we didn’t want much for dinner, but we had a nice summer meal planned and just ate it late. London Broil my dad grilled Corn on the cob! And […]

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Elephants + Elegance

July 28, 2012

What an afternoon full of elegance, cake and love! My best friend going back to age 2, Kirst, and her mom, Vibeke, hosted the most beautiful shower today. Kirst did such a gorgeous job with the decorations – which she made herself!   Including this gorgeous ribbon mobile that I am going to hang over […]

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July 28, 2012

Sleeping without the air last night was fine temperature wise – but this little torpedo kept me tossing and turning! From body parts in the ribs (in my hurt muscle spot!) to Braxton Hicks contractions (brought on by me involuntarily flexing my abs!?), I must have switched from left to right side 50 times. He […]

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Lords Of The Olympic Rings

July 27, 2012

We made it safe and sound to Hillsborough, although the rain took a while to lighten up. We had plans to go downtown tonight, but had to cancel them and focus all of our attention on the Olympics instead. We started the evening with some guacamole and chips And watched a fashion show by Larbs, […]

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Last Stop

July 27, 2012

Karen and I are on the road to Hillsborough. This morning I did my Expecting More DVD before packing up and moving out. I did the Synergy workout – a combo of strength and cardio. Faith let me borrow her 7 lb weights, so it was a great workout! I picked up Karen and we […]

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You Put The Lime In The Coconut…

July 27, 2012

I need to stop searching for “Boppy Covers” on Etsy and get to work! Babies are expensive enough, and then you have to throw Etsy in the mix. I was searching for cute crib sheets one day and found one – didn’t even look at the price – and sent it to Caitlin. She said […]

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From Sweet To Sweeter

July 26, 2012

And pleasant afternoon graham cracker + almond butter snack : ) Followed by a networking meeting at C-ville – regarding possible collaborative blogging! Dinner tonight had to be packed and wrapped up because I went straight from C-ville to Martha Jefferson for the final class in our education series: Basics in Baby Care. I packed […]

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