May 2012

Waves Await

May 29, 2012
2012-05-29 12.38.57

The weather is unpredictable today, so I need to make hay waves while the sun shines! We spent the morning walking/reading on the beach and came in for a fun lunch. There are so few people here today compared to Saturday when you couldn’t walk 3 feet without bumping into someone! We just said farewell […]

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Look At The Stars

May 29, 2012

Look how they shine for you! Stars and RW&B in honor of our fallen soldiers   I was in the middle of preparing a red, white and blue Memorial Day breakfast (since I have no clue what day it is and forgot yesterday!) when mom told me “DON’T EAT BREAKFAST!” Matt and I knew what […]

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Got My Sunscreen’s Worth

May 28, 2012
2012-05-28 17.33.44

Afternoon on the beach, yo! Great, great weather! The boys played an epic game of bocci ball, making up different versions like “eyes closed” and “backwards” and “feet only.” I did more reading and some general relaxin’ And some Wheat Thin eating when I started to get really hungry around 5:30 When we came inside, […]

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Nothin’ But Sky And Water

May 28, 2012

Famous quote by Clifford Younger from the deck of a cruise ship years and years ago! Toss a little sand in there too. It seems to be coating every surface in our house! Karen and I went on our daily beach walk this morning while they others did their high intensity sports (i.e. running). We […]

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May 28, 2012

Breakfast wasn’t as simple this morning – Kanz made us pancakes! From our delicious Great Harvest mix. And topped with some of this new Virginia hickory syrup we’re selling at the bakery. The syrup was delicious, but like all syrups, it disappeared into my cakes and I forgot about it! Sunflower butter, however, doesn’t disappear. […]

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Windblown & Squiggled

May 27, 2012

We REALLY lucked out on the weather today!!! What was supposed to be 50% chance of rain turned out to be gorgeous sunny skies! I think I need to stop looking at the forecast so much.. We enjoyed more beach time I’m alternating between this book and 50 Shades. You guys were right – 50 […]

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Bump In The Sand

May 27, 2012
2012-05-27 12.03.07

Holla! Karen, Matt and I went on a long beach walk this morning and then we settled into the sand for some book time under our umbrella-ella-ella. Baby bump or beer belly!? I spent the morning with my hat pulled waaaaay down so I could see my phone to read. Bonus of reading on a […]

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