July 2008

Welcome To The Good Burger

July 31, 2008

                              FINALLY – a hamburger worth savoring!! We met our friends Michelle and Ben for dinner tonight at a new burger place I’ve been wanting to try: The Counter. It’s one of those build-your-own-style places with toppings like pineapple, fried egg and 12 kinds of cheese. I’ve been craving a good burger (may I take […]

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Wednesday…Er, Thursday…

July 31, 2008

This morning was my last (at least for now – I may go in some more) day working with the dietitian. Today she did a talk for nurses on Heart Healthy Eating. We went over the content before and debriefed after. She did a great job explaining the guidelines and had prepared some really helpful […]

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Liquored Up

July 31, 2008

Great workout this morning – just under an hour of stairmaster, squirrelliptical and some much-needed stretching. The husband stayed home in bed, but the “penalty” for sleeping in is that the person has to make the oatmeal while the other one gets dressed. So I came down this morning to have a spoonful of oats […]

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I Apologize In Advance

July 30, 2008

For not being able to share this recipe (YET!) OMG it was so good – restaurant worthy, in my opinion 😉  Forbidden rice – (and a link for more info – this stuff is awesome!) After dinner, once it was almost dark, the husband and I went for a dusk walk. They are the best […]

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Peter Piper Picked Peppers + Peaches

July 30, 2008

Home from my nutrition counseling experience! It was really cool. We were working with people at a company who signed up to see the dietitian, who works for a separate corporate wellness company. I sat in on two of the four people. What was cool is that they were both so different with their struggles […]

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Tutti Fruiti

July 30, 2008

I was in the mood for fruit again this morning so I settled on a continental breakfast of a bagel + fruit. Half a wheat bagel with a thin layer of almond butter and a thick layer of raspberry jam – Plus a bowl of mixed fruit – a plum, half a banana, some sliced […]

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July 29, 2008

Boy am I tired today! I guess I’m not used to getting up so early anymore. Come August 26th (when classes start up) I’ll have to be up early everyday of the week so I better not get too used to sleeping to 7. The husband and I walked to the grocery store before dinner […]

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