August 2012

Orange Fever

August 31, 2012

It’s Friday night, which means we headed downtown for some fun + friends. We met up with a bunch of the ladies in my mother’s group plus our usual Friday buddies: Rob + Seamane can’t wait till we can all toast a homebrew to the babe’s arrival! Matt and I piddled around for a while […]

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Friendly Distractions

August 31, 2012

G’afternoon! I met my friend Jenn and her little boy Levi at the park today for a stroll and some playing. Jenn is a nurse (and obviously a mom) so of course we chatted all about L&D too : ) It was fun to get out of the house. I can’t wait till I have […]

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August 31, 2012

Whether or not ‘Happy Birthday’ is spoken today, there is a good reason to celebrate this last day of August: Happy 5 Year Anniversary KERF! This blog started as a weight loss food journal called Sweat Eat Sleep Repeat on August 31, 2007. I was freshly married, working in public relations and just beginning to […]

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Lemon Drop

August 30, 2012

I had such a relaxing day – I can’t remember the last time I did so little and didn’t have that “I should be doing X” in the back of my mind. And my afternoon snack was pie!! How fun is that. The last little piece from last night (that’s an appetizer plate not a […]

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What’s On The Inside That Counts

August 30, 2012

He’s on the inside, I’m outside. But we spent the morning together! We played ball games We took a hot shower We listened to TLC’s Waterfalls We put on delicious baby lotions We played with Sophie And we read a book! We worked up quite an appetite! I used two of the hard-boiled eggs I […]

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The Way The Scuffin Crumbles

August 30, 2012

Long time, no scuffin!!! Also long time, no sleep like last night! I slept WELL! Although my hips/butt/glutes were at an all-time low in terms of pain and ache early this morning, my eyes stayed shut most of the night. I’m well rested today – baby did you hear that!? Matt brought home this Berry […]

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American Pie

August 29, 2012

Other post titles considered: Baby Pie Little Pie Today was go,go,go. Nonstop from one thing to the next. The good news is it did take my mind off the fact that my life is about to change, but the bad news is I’m completely exhausted!! I cleared my calendar for tomorrow until dinnertime. I had […]

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