Eats Lately

April 23, 2014

Hi friends! What’s new? Things are on the up and up here. Mazen is loving this weather, and so am I! I took him to the park recently and he was so tuckered out by the time we walked back home that I had to carry him up the big hill to our house (“UP! […]

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Lately Recap

March 13, 2014

Last week I really struggled with healthy eating. The cold weather is partly to blame – I’m really missing my daily walks outside and it’s putting me in a grumpy mood. Maybe my vitamin D is low? After a few weeks of not caring much about desserts, I went through a whirlwind of sugar cravings. […]

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January 27, 2014

I have been rockin the Sunday meal prep and Cook Smarts meal plans this whole month. Like I said on Friday, it has been a wonderful change for our family. Meal time stress has gone way down, and we are eating better than ever. Leftovers for lunch have been a huge success too! I even […]

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February 14, 2013

Our weekend started out with SNOW! Nothing like you Yankees got – but a surprise inch was fun to wake up to. We have had so much surprise snow this year. The Weather Channel just doesn’t seem to get it right! Friday night featured pizza, as usual. We had our friends over to share it […]

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Take What You Can Get

October 31, 2012

I spent the whole day watching CNN.  My aunt + uncle live in Tom’s River, and I spent my summers growing up going to Lakewood, NJ to visit my grandmother, and the visit always included a trip to the Seaside Heights Boardwalk.  Giant slices of pizza, arcade games, vinegary French fries, and rides galore. It’s […]

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Yes Hair, No Bull

September 22, 2011

Karen and I both got our hair done this week!! YEP – she has a beautiful head of hair – see it peeking out? I think she looks great without the ole bonnet, but she isn’t quite ready to go without. I walked from my haircut today to the bakery. I am just on cloud […]

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Glazed Over

May 8, 2011

Man oh man, things just got really, really busy. I just realized about 10 things we need to do for the bakery before Friday and panicked. I am soooo not good under pressure! Feeling a bit glazed over at the moment. We DID get a lot done at the bakery today. Just basic cleaning because […]

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