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Cincinnati with Luke Bryan and Bayer

July 19, 2024I had the chance to travel to Cincinnati with Bayer to be a part of their "Take Care, Now" campaign launch in collaboration with Kroger and Luke Bryan. Here's the recap!  Hello, hello! If you follow me on Instagram, you…Read More

10 Summer Travel Clothes

July 17, 2024Discover the best summer travel clothes to stay cool and comfortable - and cute! From soft, breathable fabrics to trending styles, I'm sharing warm-weather wardrobe essentials. Ah, summer travel! The season of long, sunlit days, vibrant outdoor adventures, and unforgettable…Read More
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hi, I’m Kath!

I’m a Registered Dietitian and mom of two from Charlottesville, Virginia. Here you’ll find real-life meals made from whole ingredients mixed with healthy lifestyle topics like body positivity, home organizing, clean beauty, travel, and family. I am the creator of Digital Clutter and Bloom, a wellness program for women.

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Beautycounter Swaps: Clean Beauty Brands

May 29, 2024Running low on your Beautycounter products and looking for the next best clean alternative? Here are some Beautycounter swaps with new-ish clean beauty brands. All links are affiliate links. For the latest on all beauty news, add yourself to my…Read More

Home Renovation Before And After

October 9, 2023Our home renovation is finally complete! Here's a look at our home renovation before and after, and how it all changed from start to finish! Finishes and paint sources at are the end of the post!  Whew! The renovation is…Read More

Healthy Mindset

The Opposite Of Partying

December 1, 2023Dance all night or sip tea in sweatpants? Here are some thoughts on having a healthier mindset. The Opposite Of Partying Sitting Is The Opposite Of Standing If you spend any time on Instagram, you might have heard Brian Jordan…Read More

Introducing Bloom

February 17, 2023Bloom, my wellness program for women, is launching today! Here are all the details and how you can sign up!  Introducing, Bloom!  I am thrilled to launch my new wellness program today!! I have been working tirelessly the past few…Read More

Oatmeal Recipes

How To Make Creamy Oatmeal

June 10, 2024Since the beginning of (blog) time, I've been crafting the perfect bowl of oatmeal. Here are a few tips on how to make creamy oatmeal that is neither gummy nor dry.  No one likes gummy oatmeal Back in the days…Read More

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Recipe

February 26, 2024This apple cinnamon oatmeal recipe is creamy and scented like an apple pie with cinnamon and vanilla! Top with walnuts and maple syrup. Back in the early blog days, I used to make a healthy apple cinnamon oatmeal or a…Read More

Home Organizing

12 Summer Decorating Ideas

July 15, 2024Refresh your home with vibrant summer decorating ideas, featuring bright colors, airy fabrics, and seasonal accents. Ah, summer! Summer calls for a change in pace, a shift in activities, and, of course, a refreshing update to our home decor. I…Read More

How To Declutter Your Kitchen Cabinets

May 30, 2024I am constantly getting rid of things I don't use and brainstorming ways to rearrange what I do use to create more efficient systems in my whole house. Let me show you my home neat home methods in the kitchen…Read More