Swiss Chard


February 18, 2013

Fun fun week coming to an end! Breakfasts Blended buckwheat porridge!! [Post coming this week] French toast on Cville Crunch bread Baked oatmeal with bananas, coconut and coffee More French toast. More coffee! Valentine’s overnight oats made with coach’s oats, buckwheat, banana, chia, yogurt/milk, and Wild Squirrel drippy nut butter! Hot oats with granola + […]

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Hidden Pearls

June 20, 2012

Nothing seems to be melting out there : ) Although I am a little worried about everything in our attic… I went to a chiropractic appt. this afternoon and am feeling pretty balanced and things. I’m also wearing a t-shirt right now that is waaaay to short and my stomach is poking out the bottom! […]

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A Break From Sitting

June 19, 2012

My favorite type of days involve both standing up and sitting down. This morning I sat down and worked at my computer for a few hours. And then I stood up and…cleaned the attic!! Nesting much? I pretty much just sorted things by category and pushed them all back so it feels more spacious up […]

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Fashion Squared

June 13, 2012
2012-06-13 16.20.45

I have lived in Charlottesville nearly 2 years and I think I have only been to the mall ONCE – and that was with Karen to pick up some maternity clothes this past winter. We walked straight into Motherhood Maternity and back out – I really don’t even know what stores are at the mall! […]

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2 Great Meals

June 6, 2012
Winking smile

‘Twas a jam-packed day! I spent the morning packing for my trip. I swear, this is the most minimalistic and organized I have been on a trip. Let’s hope it feels that way mid-flight tomorrow! I am packing my DSLR in my suitcase (carry on) for the first time to lighten my bag a bit. […]

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Be Pre-Pared!!!!

June 1, 2012
2012-06-01 15.09.39

*To the tune of the famous Lion King song!* I got so much done today that dinner tonight was all the more delicious. Before a few hours of writing (trying again to get ahead on BERF in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Seattle), I hit Whole Foods to re-stock the fridge. We were pretty […]

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Rhythm and Rhyme and Harmony

May 20, 2012

Give me the beat [girls] and free my soul, I wanna get lost in your rock and roll, and drift away! ^^ One of my favorite songs!! Great day today!! The past few Sundays I did a lot of writing, but today I just worked on the household, which I find very relaxing. We had […]

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