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September 20, 2011

Having a nice little day here. Mr. ADT is here installing our system and it’s taken all day (still working!) I just about lost my oats when he told me we would have to have a cord running through the basement OR cut big holes in the walls, but then relaxed when we figured out […]

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Scenes From The Move

September 12, 2011

Life changing!!! Say goodbye to our darling Craftsman house, which we rented for a year. It helped us fall in love with Cville and had the best front porch a girl could ask for – I cleaned for hours as FAST AS I COULD! My goal was to not have to return after the moving […]

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House Hunted.

August 25, 2011

And the news is…we’re buying a house!!!! Early this spring, I started to do some research. Could we get a mortgage? What is the market like here? What timing would be ideal for us to buy? Which neighborhood did we want to live in? We love the house we’re renting right now, but it’s on […]

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Home Neat Home: Nuts For Laundry

May 23, 2011

Have you ever heard of soapnuts? Me neither. Until my OpenSky shoppers sent them to me as something they thought I’d like. I thought they were so weird they deserved a special edition of Home Neat Home to share my experience. Soapnuts are these little nuggets that despite being called nuts are actually berries from […]

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Home Clean Home: Bright Whites

April 27, 2011

My cleaning knowledge is always a work in progress. Until now, I had no solution for getting my whites whiter. My mom taught me to be afraid of bleach. Not because it is bad for our water systems, but because one slip could mean ruining an outfit! She also taught me to be afraid of […]

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Home Clean Home: Your Tips

April 20, 2011

If this post doesn’t inspire you to get green + clean, then I don’t know what will! May I present a collection of green tips from YOU! Green Cleaning Beth: Freshen your home naturally. Instead of using store-bought air fresheners (which are made with harsh chemicals to make them last longer), make your own potpourri. […]

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Home Neat Home: Closet Redux

April 9, 2011
IMG_5428Blog - Copy

You know how I turned our third bedroom into a closet, appropriately named “The Queen Room”? You can read more about it here. The Queen Room features a big clothing rack for all of my hanging clothes. I bought it at Target for about $30 last summer. But the rack is a P.O.S. It wobbles […]

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