April 2008

Rain = Soup

April 28, 2008

Despite the inevitable boredom from a few hours of studying the endocrine system, breakfast kept hunger at bay until 12:30! The rainy weather had me craving soup, so I pulled out a frozen serving of ED&BV’s Cocoa-Coconut Chili to thaw for lunch. I topped it with fresh lime and a sprinkle of unsweet coconut On […]

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Rain on the Housetop

April 28, 2008

Rain on the green grass, and rain on the tree, Rain on the housetop, but not on me! We’ve got an All-American Rainy Day here in Charlotte. Extra motivation to buckle down and memorize the physiology of the human body today! After a weekend of partying, I was surprised when the husband wanted to get […]

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Canadian Company

April 27, 2008

Tonight we’re hosting the husband’s college roommate – Canada. Yup, that’s his name. We’ve called him Canada since the first day we met him at Davidson Orientation. He was “Canada Chris” for a few days and then just “Canada.” OH yeah, and he hails from Toronto Here they are at Homecoming this year! I went […]

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Meh Lunch, Blah Weather

April 27, 2008

This lunch had good intentions, but it turned out rather disappointing. I had a plantain that was on its last few days, so I decided to have that, but it wasn’t was I was craving. Plantains are kind of a cross between a banana and a potato – the riper they get the more banana-y […]

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The Run Around

April 27, 2008

I slept for 9.5 hours last night!!! I think it was because I was by myself – I slept like a rock smack in the middle of the bed I got up and ate half a banana with PB before setting out on a fantastic 5.5 mile run. It was a great one! The best […]

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Frat-tastic Friends + Fun

April 26, 2008

This Pretty Much Sums Up The Day We had a blast today. It was a perfect hot spring day and the friends and frat kept me on my feet for about 7 hours straight. I. am. exhausted!! Not only was it a fun day, but it was a healthy day too! I actually didn’t have […]

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Frolicking Thru Spring

April 26, 2008

Spring is in full swing here in North Carolina so it only seems appropriate that we’re headed up to Davidson’s big Spring Frolics Weekend (also Alumni Weekend – how convenient!). Up and At ‘Em Workout SOOOO THANKFUL I felt good this morning when I woke up with very minimal signs of drinking last night. The […]

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