Smoky Beef Stew

April 8, 2013

Need a reason to sip beer at 9am? This is it. My series of “I need my hands free at dinnertime” slow-cooker recipes continues. This week with a slow cooked beef stew! I bought this stew beef over the winter and put it in the freezer. Now that The Great Thaw is upon us, I […]

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Worth Repeating

January 10, 2013

Of course oatmeal was my first breakfast love. I’ve had other affairs with smoothies, dough boys, yogurt bowls, pancakes, overnight oats and lately, French toast. But when I do have a big bowl of stick-to-your-ribs hot whipped oatmeal, it reminds me why it’s the best breakfast around! Today’s bowl was whipped banana oatmeal made with […]

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Cold Front

November 3, 2012

Sadly I woke up with a very sore throat last night. I think I must be coming down with a cold! I sure hope I have already passed the immunity to Maze through my milk because as his mother I have to be close to him. Let’s pack in some superfoods to help – Oats […]

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“You’re Jiggling My Tofu”

June 3, 2012

G’evenin’! We just wrapped up a wonderful dinner and are going to watch a movie (we think – if we can agree on one!) I try to stay out of the basement as much as possible these days, but I’m in the mood to get cozy and relax tonight. This afternoon I did some writing […]

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April 11, 2012
2012-04-11 14.04.10Blog

Karen and I ventured to IKEA today. To pick up baby things, bakery things and Karen’s house things! A multi-purpose trip for sure! I was shopping for a Hemnes dresser. I reallllly wanted this one, but I decided it was just a little too big for our little nursery. So I settled on the 3 […]

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Sights From A Spring Evening

March 22, 2012
2012-03-22 18.07.19

A lovely 3 mile walk.. Baby happy in nature’s carrier Ice cream for a snack (the only food in the house the baby could imagine eating…stupid appetite) Husband in the yard, building something Neighbor’s dog looking for something to play with Wife in the kitchen, cooking something Ambient music playing Ravioli, green beans, frozen peas, […]

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Battle Of The Fryin’ Pans

February 16, 2012

It rained and rained today so I decided to forfeit my workout to the rain gods. That is until the skies cleared up at 5pm! I’d been working at my computer all afternoon and a walk sounded awesome, so I donned my headphones and podcasts and went on a 45 minute power walk around the […]

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