October 24, 2014


Coolest dude in the orchard!! We’ve been here and there and everywhere these past few weeks. I skipped a Lately post so I’m a bit all over the place today!


Just your run-of-the-mill whipped banana oats with a dollop of yogurt, granola and sunbutter! I really like the yogurt on top – it’s kind of like frosting……ok it’s nothing like frosting, but I still like it!


Have you seen these in Whole Foods?


Oats with chia seed explosion! Kind of like a single serving of overnight oats minus the yogurt. Chia, oats, apple – ready to eat! This would be perfect for a traveler who needs a quick and cheap breakfast and passes by a grocery store. Spoon included! You could eat it cold, but heated up it was great.


I served it with some of the baked apples I made plus almond butter and granola on top. Texture heaven!!


The next day I tried to replicate it myself – I soaked chia and oats in milk and then added cinnamon, vanilla and more baked apples in the morning. It was good, but not as good as the original! I will keep trying.


Eggs, toast with jam, a grape arch.


And finally, a pumpkin pie smoothie in a bowl! Nature’s Path granola is my favorite of all time (well second to Cville Cluster, which is just a category of its own).



Back to the apple orchard!


Karen and I took Mazen up to Carter’s Mountain to go apple picking and apple picnicking!


He had apple and PB&J and Karen made us egg salad sandwiches with Terra chips. She grates her hard-boiled egg for the perfect egg salad consistency – I must try her method soon!



Apple picking was fun for about 5 minutes



But then M just wanted to run up and down the mountain


In the end he liked choosing apples from the bins much more.


And we came home with plenty!


My next lunch was a big salad at home – quesadilla on the side made with a local blue corn tortilla stuffed with a slice of cheese plus greens with beans, hummus, peppers and feta cheese.


Another day we went to the bakery for lunch and I had a turkey + cheese salad.


Quesadillas are my favorite lunch of late : ) I get these tortillas at the city market and 5 minutes in my toaster oven makes a perfect quesadilla! Served with peppers and grapes.


And finally – salad with eggs on top and a Popeye roll on the side. Blue D’auvergne is back!




^^ Would you expect anything less this time of year?


This actually was supposed to be a recipe, but it just didn’t turn out like I had planned. Too thick for soup, but too soupy for pasta. If you’re curious, it was 4 cups of squash and pumpkin puree with 2 cups of chicken broth, 1 can of white beans, 1/2 tsp of salt, some garlic and fresh rosemary. Plus 3 cups of rigatone. All cooked together into a “stoup.”


Matt had homemade pizza waiting when I got home from Boulder – food never tastes as good as it does post-airplane ride!


We made the Cook Smarts classic beef chili one night and it was amazing!!


Another night we did Cook Smarts’ lo mein noodles with chicken. Another winner and chicken dinner!


Served with Hardywood’s Bourbon Sidamo. Amazing!


And finally our last Cook Smarts meal this week – white bean and sausage soup! Loved all the parsley on top. It’s soup season y’all.


2 days till my birf-day!!

(That’s for you Hugh David, Lydia and Kirsten!)


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October 23, 2014

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October 20, 2014

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