Cookbooks Du Jour

September 19, 2014


Every so often I get asked to review a new cookbook to hit the market. The following three are all really awesome! (Look for a review of Feeding Baby on Baby KERF!)

The Part Time Vegetarian (PTV) Smoothies and Juices

First up is my friend Tina’s book – The Part Time Vegetarian (PTV) Smoothies and Juices.


I’ve loved Tina’s blog for years and am really happy to share her book with you! It’s jam-packed with unique smoothie and juice recipes. Now most of you probably know how to make a smoothie. You probably have 2-3 smoothies that you rotate through the week. I have no idea how Tina thought up so many different recipe combos, but you won’t get tired of smoothies if you rotate through these! The book has over 140 recipes including all kinds of smoothie categories – from veggie-based to high protein to a whole chapter of fresh juice blends.

I had a pint of local raspberries that needed to be eaten quickly and made her Raspberries & Cream smoothie. I loved the in-your-face raspberry flavor and used a little Vega vanilla protein powder I got as a free sample to sneak in the vanilla.



I also made the Sweet Green Smoothie for breakfast one day – another winner that I otherwise might not have thought to combine: banana, strawberries, spinach, milk and orange juice.


The Single-Serving Cookie Cookbook

Blogger Kylie of Immaeatthat (love her blog name!) is a registered dietitian in training currently working on her internship. Her eBook, The Single-Serving Cookie Cookbook, is a health-minded collection of single-serving cookie recipes made from wholesome ingredients.


The concept of her book is GENIUS!! Who doesn’t want just a little dessert at night? And who has trouble resisting a giant cookie jar if you make too many? For just $7.99 you can download the book and have the recipes in your kitchen in minutes. In the book you’ll find recipes that are: gluten-free, peanut butter based, bean based, stuffed with frosting, cake batter twins, deep-dish, for marshmallow lovers, covered in sprinkles, made with tofu and more. Brilliant I tell you!

Kylie sent me the cookbook electronically in this little cookie jar – how cute is that!?!


I couldn’t wait to try one and dove right into this:


I made her Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich.


This was so delicious, and I loved that it was no bake and super easy! The “ice cream” is actually just frozen banana!


I also just found butter extract at Whole Foods so I can make her favorite cake batter cookies soon!!

100 Days of Real Food

The last cookbook on today’s tour comes from another real foodie – Lisa of 100 Days of Real Food! Lisa’s blog is an inspiration to me, and her recipes are pure and wholesome. The cookbook (a 2.5 year project!) 100 Days Of Real Food: How We Did It, What We Learned, and 100 Easy, Wholesome Recipes Your Family Will Love is just what you’d expect and more. Lisa writes about her experience eating real food for 100 days, gives tons of tips for those hoping to eat better and of course includes a plethora of her recipes.


This is truly a handbook for eating real food with tips on grocery shopping, entertaining, lunchboxes, and great recipes.


I am not the most responsible at following a recipe, but I like a love technique. Thus I was all over the concept of refried beans in the crockpot! I followed Lisa’s recipe, swapping out onion for celery, and absolutely loved the result!!

Refried beans win the prettiest food of the year award, right?!


I am sure these are way healthier than the refried beans you’d find at your local Mexican joint. Just as delicious too!


We ate them with chips for dipping!


Little fingers were a fan!


What’s your favorite cookbook du jour?



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