Live From Whole Foods

February 27, 2015

I’m blogging from Whole Foods and eating a delicious salad. Takes me back to the days I used to blog from EarthFare after my nutrition classes at Winthrop!


Last night I was a guest player for soccer – for an all-men’s league! The captain and I are going to be on the same team this spring, and when he asked me to guest play I assumed he meant a co-ed team. When I arrived I was quite intimidated! But of course I arrived to play, and play I did. I thought I did pretty well and had a handful of shots on goal. No major embarrassments! I’m really going to miss indoor! I loved the smaller court and heated air.

This morning I had whipped banana oatmeal for breakfast topped with almond butter and jelly. Coconut on top. Mazen’s favorite breakfast too. He loves helping me pour the ingredients into the pot!


I rescheduled my babysitter for this morning after all the snow, so I had a mother’s morning out. I ran a few errands and did a little fun shopping as well before settling down with my laptop to get some work done.


Last night Ellen introduced me to these new chocolate bars from Trader Joe’s filled with POP ROCKS! Hillary explained to us after some Googling that they are filled with CO2 bubbles trapped in the hard candy. She was not a fan, but I love the tingle! I swung in and picked up 5 bars. Better savor them!


For lunch I filled my box with kale Caesar salad (my favorite thing on the WF salad bar), 2 kinds of tofu, beans, a potato wedge, and a dollop of the best mac and cheese ever.


Happy Weekend!!


Snow, Soda Bread + Sprout

February 26, 2015

This post is sponsored by HP Sprout We woke up to a dusting of snow this morning. Not enough to interrupt too much of our day but plenty to cancel school for the third time! The sun was trying so very hard to come out, but the clouds won the battle. I give the sun […]

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Food + Farewells

February 25, 2015

Hi there!!! Mom requested whipped banana oatmeal twice during her stay, and I have to say I have missed it! Good old creamy oatmeal topped with some Naturebox granola and drippy 365 almond butter. I ran to the gym for a training session with Erin while G+P hung out with Mazen one final morning. I’m […]

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Cookie Dough Afternoon Delight

February 24, 2015

Poppin’ in before dinner to say hi and report back on our day. Grammie and Pea are here, and we’re having a blast! We always wish they could stay longer. This morning Mazen’s preschool had “Imagination Day” where the parents (and grandparents) got to go in and participate. So cute, of course! First we made snowmen… […]

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Nutrition Notes

February 24, 2015

Good morning! I had a delicious breakfast to kick off the day : ) A fried egg, orange, toast + coffee. I love that the egg and the orange were the same hue! And now, some cool nutrition tidbits to share! Almond Nutrition (Sponsored) Over the years I’ve gotten many emails from folks wanting to see an […]

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Snowed In And Happy

February 23, 2015

We had back-to-back snow storms last week – our first snows of the year! The second one that came through on Saturday actually ended up being worse than the first, but thanks to warm temps on Sunday, most of the snow is gone already. We woke up to quite the flurry of snow falling on […]

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A Trip To Gram’s

February 22, 2015

Mazen and I took a trip up to Towson to visit my grandmother for a few days. Mom and Larbs met us there, so it was a fun four-generational reunion! On Thursday we went over for cocktail hour and sipped wine in Downton Abbey glasses while discussing Edith and Mary’s latest decisions. Mazen LOVES Gram’s dollhouse […]

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