December 19, 2014

Shots from tree decorating! Last year we just got a tabletop tree, so this was Mazen’s first real one. It’s also the biggest tree we’ve ever had! You have to wonder what the toddler was thinking when his parents brought a tree inside. Excitement for sure!


I stole this idea from my friend Brett – Christmas cards on display via clothespins! It’s so nice to look up at my beautiful friends during meals, and since I took this photo our cards have filled up the whole row!


We had a really healthy week of meals that was much appreciated after the holidays got off to a great start. My goal during the season is to keep my weeks as healthy as possible knowing I splurge a little more on the weekends. Luckily this week I had no weekday parties. Next week, however, that isn’t the case!


That’s one stuffed jar!! I made overnight oats in a Barney Butter jar and packed in some pineapples on top. 


Next up – rainy day oatmeal made in the rice cooker! Steel cut oats in the rice cooker never turn out as good for me as they do for other people as a nice porridge (that’s the setting I use). I wonder if I’m not adding enough liquid? That must be it. Going to try again soon!


Next up: leftover sugar cookie sleigh ride oats reheated with milk and some clementine on the side.


Rushed preschool day – pear + yogurt + coffee!


Non-rushed non-preschool day – eggs, roll with butter and jam, grapes!



A surprise visit to Great Harvest for lunch!


We met a group of our friends. Those toddlers love their free slice of bread!


Soup season is back on – I had a slice of Apple Scrapple with Rev Soup’s Spicy Peanut Tofu.


This was the Cook Smarts lentil and root veggie kale salad. Here it’s jazzed up with blue cheese!


Another day I had leftover salmon and spinach and mushroom lentils over a salad with a bit more blue cheese.


And finally – leftover Italian wedding soup! Soup for lunch is my favorite.



We did a week’s worth of Cook Smarts, and boy did I feel organized. The meals were amazing too!

Oven Baked Salmon with lentil, mushroom, spinach ‘cream’ sauce. Loved this different twist on fish!


Kale salad with roasted root veggies and lentils with a balsamic-apple cider vinaigrette. Super healthy and on the light side, but especially great leftover for lunch!


Cumin + Coriander Chicken Tacos. I love anything topped with cheese + guac!!


Mazen’s deconstructed version got a thumbs up.


And Cheddary Shells with Broccoli and Chicken. This was so easy and really good!


Who likes mac and cheese!?


Finally, we ate up the leftover orange + carrot brussels with scrambled eggs and bacon. Breakfast for dinner – sort of!


Have a great weekend!


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