July 28, 2014

Most Friday nights we walk downtown, eat pizza, sip wine and listen to music. Relaxing!

But this past Friday we took off running…


…to our gym, which was having its monthly Friday Fitness Social! {I think I need a new Davidson visor, don’t you?!}


The Friday event varies from cycle classes to boot camps to an obstacle course like we did tonight. I unfortunately had been busy for the other ones, so I was glad to be able to make this one!


There was even a pool involved, although with a mile walk home, there was no way I was getting in!


A handful of our friends were there (some with spouses), and following the hour-long workout there is a happy hour with drinks and snacks. Did I mention that our children are happily playing together in the Kids Zone!? Talk about a fun night! {I blurred out faces in the background on purpose…FYI}


Friday’s event involved a big obstacle course that you plowed through in pairs. The course took Matt and me 3:01 to complete. But in those 3 minutes I spent all of my energy! We were the first pair to go, and we were going as fast as we possibly could. My legs were shaking for the next 15 minutes. I am so competitive that I gave it my all! Originally they were going to time each group, but it ended up being more of a fun event when the logistics of timing everyone proved to be difficult.


The first obstacle was to run up and down a flight of stairs with a sand bag. Matt got a big head start on me (although we had to catch up before we could move to the next station) because I was scared I was going to trip on the tiny stairs!

Go go go!


Next up: 10 weighted ball throws to the ground


Then some lunges


Followed by: a tire pull, some weaving sprints, a giant tire turn over (6 times) and then – leap frog!


Then one final sprint to that building and back to finish.


Matt left me in the dust on the home stretch!


Thanks to my photographer Alice for capturing these shots!


Alice and I were paired up along with our husbands for the next part of the event: the kettle bell relay


We had to sprint to the bells, bring a pair back, pass them to the next person and so on. Our group won the first round but lost the other two. There were about 40 people total so it was a big match!


Afterwards we headed up to our gym’s rooftop for views, drinks, lots of cheese and conversation.


That’s our infinity pool, and next time we are bringing bathing suits!


This food tasted so good after our workout. {I ate about twice you see here!}


So did the beer!


Matt and I ran home with Mazen and made salads with egg on top for our “real” dinner.

Can’t wait for the next event!


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