Weekend With The Sayas

September 22, 2014


How was your weekend? I don’t think I sat down between Friday and Sunday evenings. We were parents of two twins this weekend, and had our hands full!

Mazen’s BFF Sylvia (aka Saya, which she also calls Mazen) came to stay with us while her parents went on a romantic getaway. We have such a great babysitting trade (they watched Mazen while we went to Alexandria for our anniversary), and we love to give each other time away. The kiddos loved the sleepovers!


On Friday night we took them both to the gym while Matt and I attended the latest ACAC Happy Hour fitness class.

The challenge: a biathlon (running and biking) as many miles as you can in 10x10x5x5 minute intervals. I ran 1.37 miles in 10 minutes and .67 in 5 minutes for a total of almost exactly 2 miles in 15. It was EXHAUSING and probably the fastest I have ran in 3+ years. (Mind you these were treadmill miles). We also biked (5.2 + 2.8 miles = 8 miles in 15) to complete the competition. Sadly my team lost, but I came in as the female with the fastest run time and second overall! I was pretty pleased with that considering I have done zero training or races since becoming a mom. Just my competitive nature coming out! These Friday night events are SO FUN and you should join ACAC to participate : ) Tell Chris I sent you!


We (Great Harvest) catered the rooftop social hour afterwards – lots of healthy sandwiches with dips and spreads and rolls!


We also brought sweets – can you see the hidden message!?



Saturday morning I took it easy with the kiddos and let them play inside and outside and all around. I ate breakfast standing in the kitchen while pacing back and forth making sure both kids had everything they needed. Mothers of twins, I worship you!

We had quiche that Matt brought home from the bakery for lunch. Plus an avocado and feta salad on the side.


After lunch we took the Sayas to a 4H festival at Lee Park where they got to see a host of animals up close and personal. They loved it!


The “bucking” horsey was especially fun



And getting to pet some of the animals



After an afternoon of quiet time (one napper and one reader) we took them to Brixx Pizza for dinner. A college favorite of ours! Karen came too!


I had a beer sampler for old time’s sake


The Brixx spinach salad is one of the best in the world!


We shared FOUR pizzas between the 5 of us – with the intention of bring home plenty for lunch the next day! I just love the Brixx crust – so thin and doughy.


Once the kiddos were asleep, Matt and I watched some TV and totally vegged out.

Sunday morning we made eggs and raspberry toast with raspberries on the side.


Matt took the toddlers to the gym while I went grocery shopping.



I took advantage of the 2 hours they were gone (which included a trip to the park as well!) and worked my butt off around the house. I logged 5,000 steps on my Jawbone before noon!


I made a batch of Emily’s baked apples in my rice cooker!


We had leftover pizza and salads for lunch


Later that afternoon I went to my soccer game {WE WON!!} Jawbone total including soccer = 19,683 steps. I think I’m going to hit 20,000 before this day is over! (A record!)


And then we invited Sarah and John and Karen over for Sunday dinner – pork tenderloin, taters, roasted zucchini and eggplant and Spinach Feta rolls. Plus some Simi Sauv Blanc.


Our weekend was a lovely mix of kicking back at home and the flurry of having two children underfoot. Hope yours was good too!


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