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April 17, 2014


I am not becoming a fashion blogger. I am anything but! However, I have enjoyed having other people tell me what is cool to wear, so I said yes when Golden Tote asked if I wanted to review one of their totes. I’m sure there are more of you out there who need some fashion advice (or are just obsessed with clothes). If so, this site is for you.

Golden Tote calls itself “the ultimate surprise grab bag.”

You start by choosing one of the following tote options:


Then you pick out either 1 or 2 inspiration items depending on your price point, and Golden Tote surprises you with the rest. You fill out a style profile to help guide the stylist’s selection, and of course the items you choose help narrow down your style too. You can return everything if you don’t like it, but it’s all or nothing – keep it all or send it all back.

I was offered the $149 tote to try, and chose the following two items:

Macroflower Dress + The Getaway Tunic

image image

The styles change each month, so there’s always a new selection to choose from.


So what did I think!?

I LOVED the Getaway tunic!! My favorite clothing pieces are those that are casual with dressy elements, and this one was exactly that. It looks so much nicer than a t-shirt but is just as comfy.


The Macroflower dress was gorgeous in person, but it was a bit wide for my frame, so I dug into my belt box for help.


I thought the thick belt looked good, but my friend told me “thick belts are out,” so skinny belt it is. Your opinion please?!

Foodblog-6298 Foodblog-6303

As for my surprise items, I liked them all:

I really like this black two-toned shirt that is all lacey and came with a matching black tank to wear underneath


Again: casual meets detail. And it’s unlike anything I already own: a plus!


This shirt is sweet and delicate and unlike anything else I own, too.


This dress was also a bit wide, but once I cinched in the waist it fit me much better. I think the shiny thin belt looks much better here. The dress is super comfy and will be great for hot summer days. I love the black ruffle at the bottom.


And last but not least, this lacy tank, which looked best with a blazer or wrap on top. It would also be great for layering. Love the color!


Golden Tote’s bang for your buck is pretty good, but it’s not for you bargain shoppers. I’d say it’s best suited for those who love grab-bag style deals (like Birchbox) and love clothes OR for those who hate shopping and clothes and just need some help with fashion! I felt the tote paid for itself (if I had bought it, that is) with the dress and tunic I chose myself I liked them so much. It’s basically risk free because you can send everything back if you choose. And another cool thing: They have a Facebook group called Golden Tote Trades so if you don’t care for just one item you can swap with another member!

And couldn’t we all use more clothes!?

This post is sponsored by Golden Tote. I was sent a tote to review and compensated for this post. The links included are affiliate links. If that makes you nervous, you can sign up on your own too. xoxo


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