Sole Searching

July 1, 2015

As promised, here’s my follow up post on shoes!! (And here’s the original – go read the comments!)

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I took all of your suggestions into consideration and tried to find a balance between frequency of mention and availability at Zappos before ordering a selection to try out.

Return // The Tieks


Sadly I sent these back. After many of you said they looked tight and that the linen ones would not stretch, I knew these had to go. I didn’t even try to wear them in around the house. I considered ordering a leather pair, but when my Clarks arrived (see below!) I decided to go with them instead.

Keep // Clarks Grayson Erica

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The second I put these on I knew they would work. Not a touch of redness, very padded, perfect fit. They weren’t cheap ($100) but these are the soft and comfortable ballet flats I was looking for! I’ve worn them a couple of times and really like them.

Return // Lucky Brand Emmie

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I feel kind of sad about sending these back. They were super comfortable – in a loose, casual kind of way (like Toms!) The only reason I didn’t keep them is because of the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I just didn’t need two new pairs of similar ballet flats. They were not quite as supportive as the Clarks, and I couldn’t see myself wearing them day in and day out. Thumbs up in general though!

Return // Reef Shaded Summer

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These flats just didn’t wow me. While the soles were much more supportive/padded/comfortable than Toms, they just didn’t stand out that much compared to the Toms that I have and love. I also didn’t love the navy color on my feet.

Keep // Teva Olowahu Flip-Flop

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Right around the time when I wrote the shoe post about flats, I broke my pool/beach flip flops playing soccer in my backyard. These were recommended in the comments, and I knew they would make great quick-dry shoes. Also, EMBROIDERY!

Return // Born Mai

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This is another pair I’m sort of sad I returned, as these were really cute and comfortable. I love my other Born sandals though, which are so similar I felt like I’d have a hard time choosing which ones to wear and might just default to my older ones.

Keep // Birkenstock Gizeh

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And finally! The most talked about shoe in my post’s comments were the Gizehs. It seems many of you live in these! I am still warming up to the look a little bit, as I feel like they make me look like a Hobbit (!) but the comfort says it all. They are a little stiff, but once broken in I can tell these are going to rock. Of course I got the shiny mirror color! I’ve already gotten three compliments on them.


So those are my shoes! I walked away (heh heh) with a solid pair of flats, a beach flip flip, and a really comfortable pair of sandals. Add that to my Toms and Born Joyas and I should be set in all categories for warm weather! (Let’s talk boots in the fall….!)


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June 29, 2015
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June 28, 2015
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June 25, 2015
Homemade Yogurt

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