I had every intention of blogging yesterday but we decided to skip Mazen’s nap to get to ACAC’s Friday Social event on time, and this is the first time in 2 days I’ve sat down at the computer! We’ve had lots of fun though.

Friday started with a playdate at a friend’s house. We were thankful for sunshine that made the cold temperatures a little friendlier.


We met our friends Miriam and Roman for lunch at Mariebette!


There ended up being a long wait for a table, so with two hungry toddlers we ended up buying salads from the cold case and quiche and cookies from the counter and found a table tucked into a corner on the coffee shop side of the restaurant. It was perfect!

I had the kale salad with a fantastic lemon dressing, pecans, apples and radishes. Loved it and ate every bite!


Mazen had quiche lorraine, which I shared with him for extra protein + fat. The salad alone would not have been enough lunch for me.


We all shared a chocolate chunk cookie for dessert!


M and I played around all afternoon until it was time to get to the gym for our class. I packed up M’s dinner and he played in Kidszone while I ran + biked my heart out.

The event was another Biathlon just like this one. 10 minutes run as far as you can, 10 minutes bike as far as you can, 5 minutes run, 5 minutes bike.


My times were a little bit slower this time – 1.26 miles in 10 minutes on a treadmill followed by .67 miles (10 laps) in 5 minutes around the track. For the bike segment, I got a dud bike the first time and the recording was off, but I matched my distance to last time perfectly for the 5 minute segment: 2.8 miles.

That’s Grace in the pink shirt right in front of me. I asked her after class if she minded if I put her photo on my blog, and turns out she’s a KERF reader! Hi Grace! She is also fast : )



After our workout we ate Great Harvest sandwiches and sipped wine.


I totally wasn’t ready for wine after that workout and should have had water only! But still fun. I left with a cookie quarter for me and one for M!


Stories in bed after double baths when we got home <3


I was planning to go ahead and write about today’s adventures, but I realized my camera is upstairs with all of the food photos, and I have about 2 minutes left of M’s naptime! I need an Eye-Fi card for my compact flash slot in my Mark II. I actually think they are working on one…. Eye-Fi cards are a necessity if you’re blogging on the fly!


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