November 26, 2014

How’s the Turkey Day prep going? We are hosting T-giving again this year, and the table is set. We are doing a few new dishes this year, and we have a little member of the family who is excited to sit at the table with the grownups and dig in!


Pumpkin oat fun! I cracked an egg into my pot for some extra protein and stirred in a half cup of pumpkin (this was for a few portions) for filling fiber. Orange sprinkles and peanut butter rounded out the toppings.


The next day I reheated the leftovers with a little milk and had breakfast in 60 seconds. I always make a triple batch of oats these days.


Two little pancakes with a Siggi’s pumpkin were on the menu the next day.


This bowl was cottage cheese oatmeal with baked apples on top. I put the apples in the rice cooker with cinnamon and water and they come out perfectly cooked.


And finally – pancakes at Sarah’s house! I went over for an early breakfast date and made them pancakes after Mazen and Sylvia had a sleepover. We topped the cakes with butter, syrup and banana.



Leftover chili mug and salad with cheese and jicama slaw on top!


A plate of leftovers – roasted brussels and sweet potatoes I made on the weekend, pork and grapes. A hidden puddle of ketchup in the middle : )


Continental Divide leftovers!! I ate this at 2pm absolutely starving and boy did it taste wonderful!!


The efficient salad bowl – add your dressing (or in my case, deconstructed dressing components) and shake! Plus leftover salmon, fresh veggies and goat cheese. A tiny piece of swirl bread on the side.


And finally, a leftover slice of spinach and mushroom pizza with grapes on the side.



This was an interesting dinner – I bought mushroom ravioli at the city market and we had that with broccoli. For a sauce I put leftover chili on top. It was actually really good!


Karen came over one night and we made fish tacos with grilled mahi mahi, a jicama apple slaw, avocado and crème fraîche. The tortillas are hand-made from the market.


Sarah took me out for my birthday, and we went to Continental Divide. DELICIOUS! A virgin marg for her, and a real one for me!


We shared the red, hot and blues – nachos with tons of melted cheese, including goat cheese. (It was insanely dark, so my phone was trying its best to capture the dinner!)


I had the bean and cheese burritos, which were just as delicious as I remember them. I only ate about 25% of this and had 2 meals more out of it!


And finally, we had a simple salmon dinner with leftover grits, sautéed chard and the Cook Smarts raisin marinade. Plus half a roll.


Toddler art class: just as fun for the adult as it is for the child. I loved getting my hands in that play dough – so soothing!


Happy Holiday Week!


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November 18, 2014
Holiday season

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