All’s Well That Ends Well

January 1, 2013
FOOD! (590x590)

2012 was full of some good eatin’ And this amazing process: Plus this little joy: I imagine 2013 will be full of just as many changes. A year from now will we have a walking, talking little boy? I started the day out with a nap after one of our toughest sleepless nights since M […]

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Roll With It

December 10, 2012

I heart Sundays!! I get to play house all day long. First, I made baked pumpkin oatmeal! While it baked, I changed all the bedding. Topped with coconut and pecans this time. I leave out the brown sugar now – don’t seem to need it. This bake isn’t sweet at all. I added extra pumpkin […]

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On A (Sushi) Roll

June 1, 2009
IMG_7072 (1024x768)

Biking didn’t happen today because I found 1,000 other things to do around the house. I finallllly cleaned out my closet and exchanged winter –> summer clothes. Then I vacuumed everything, cleaned out the guest room closets, cleaned the shower top to bottom. It took me all afternoon and I was sweaty, exhausted, and starving […]

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I’m Not 21 :(

April 9, 2008

So to make a long story as short as possible, the husband used to carry around a duplicate copy of my ID so I wouldn’t have to bring my wallet everywhere we go. Well, the license expired, I got a new one for driving, but he still carries around my old one for when we’re […]

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Goodbye with Sushi!

January 4, 2008

Lunch with my colleagues was wonderful – and my sushi was great!! ‘Nuff said. Hot green tea Miso Soup – Yum! I always get this to help fill me up. Sushi isn’t that filling, but soup helps. Although I ate 2 rolls today instead of 1 + a salad or edamame so I’m a little […]

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