Rush Hour (Or 3)

August 17, 2009

What I envisioned as a leisurly morning at the hotel, complete with a visit to HealthWorks and a gourmet hotel room bowl of oats turned into Rush Hour IV today! My flight leaves at 11:15 and I guess I didn’t realize I needed to save time for packing, tying up strings with the hotel and […]

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Swingin’ Solo

August 16, 2009
IMG_0928 (480x640)

Where are all of my friends!?!?!? It’s so lonely here without you all I had a wonderful evening with Larbs + Matt + Maynard Upon arriving at their apartment via subway (and feeling rather cosmopolitan being in a big city by myself for the first time) we headed back out to Whole Foods for some […]

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The Other Side Of The Mountain

August 16, 2009
Group Run

It has been so fun to spend the weekend with people who also like to get up and run! We had a large group meet in the hotel lobby for our Unofficial Fun Run at 7:30 this morning. I had a few bites of banana before I went down. We ran a glorious 10K around […]

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A Mountain Of A Summit

August 16, 2009
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It’s over!!!!! I cannot believe that the event is over. It was in many ways like a wedding – tons of planning, the big day – SO exciting, lots of people to meet, being a host, hoping things go smoothly, and probably, being sad tomorrow when it sinks it in that its really over. I […]

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The Summit Story

August 15, 2009
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What a fun morning!! I *think* it’s going really well!! Hope you guys have had a chance to check in and watch the LiveSteam!!! It’s so cool to see ourselves on camera just seconds after speaking You can also follow the Twitter Feed by searching for #HLS on Twitter. The morning started with Janel Ovrut, […]

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Live From The Summit!

August 15, 2009
IMG_0783 (640x480)

Breakfast Bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   SO glad I didn’t overdo it last night!!! Caitlin was tired when we met in my room at 5:55 AM for an energizing run! I’ve figured out the key to Garmins – let them sit on a windowsill (or balcony) to load satellites. Even if you walk through a building, it loads […]

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100 Friends

August 14, 2009
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Six months in the planning and it’s here!!!!! The cocktail party was a huge success!!!! We promise our color palate was not coordinated at all! The event was held at Rustic Kitchen, an Italian-style bistro and wood-fired pizza restaurant next to the Radisson. They have been awesome to work with, and the night was a […]

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