Literary Stalker

June 11, 2012
2012-06-11 08.02.37

Good morning!!! I slept well last night and the sun is out here! I’ve got a long morning to kill before my shuttle arrives to take me home sweet home. For breakfast I went down to the café just under the hotel to pick up one of their yogurt parfaits and a cappuccino. Cue the […]

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On Friendly Terms

June 10, 2012

Wonderful end to this great trip!! The sun (and mountains) came out to play today! The weather warmed. Seattle and I became friends. So did these ladies, my dinner mates, Lacey and Amelia And Roni We had big plans to eat at Matt’s In The Market, which is have heard all weekend is phenomenal, but […]

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Outside Of The Box

June 10, 2012

I am so glad my ventures took me outside of the city today because I discovered what is so wonderful about Seattle: the neighborhoods! I spent the day in Fremont and Ballard, perusing markets and eating good food. My tour guides were Ellen and Gina. Gina is a KERF reader who offered to show me […]

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June 10, 2012

Other than a 1am feeding (for myself!) of a few bites of a chocolate chip cookie (you have to get creative when there isn’t juice to swig!), I slept until 6:45 this morning! FINALLY feeling refreshed! After lounging and showering and Google planning, I ventured out to find the nearest coffee cafe that served oatmeal. […]

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June 10, 2012

This weekend has been such a pleasure. I have had so many great conversations with so many great people. I’ve talked about the blogging business, from advertising to brand relations to the future of our industry. I’ve chatted with so many women about pregnancy and motherhood. And I’ve just met so many people, big [huge!] […]

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Shut The Pink Door!

June 9, 2012

How happy was I to find another stunning breakfast buffet this morning! I had another wonderful Chobani parfait – this time with some peanut butter thrown in! Tried a quinoa + cashew butter muesli Ate so much delicious fruit I couldn’t handle it emotionally – and a little croissant Sipped tangerine juice with honey foam! […]

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Space Needle Inside

June 9, 2012

While I slept well for most of the night, I woke up this morning, tried to roll over and was paralyzed by a sharp, tearing, popping nerve-like pain in my upper abs – just under my ribcage. I’m telling you, when pregnant you just never know what your body is going to do next! The […]

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