Mallow More

August 7, 2011
IMG_5234 (600x400)

My afternoon featured…more marshmallows!!! Blackened over mini fires in the Hershey’s Snacktivity suite [mom, you would never have left this room!] Bestthingieverate. I also went to a session on Mobile Blogging [I want a new phone!] and Professional Blogging [I missed most of this session with sticky S’mores fingers so I don’t have any notes] […]

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Design A Salad

August 6, 2011
IMG_5221 (400x600)

I went to a panel on blog design this morning – it was really helpful to hear two designers/bloggers talk about what works and what doesn’t. Notes Ideal sizing: Post area 640 px | Sidebar 320 px Size photos to 72 dpi, which is the highest the internet goes to optimize load time Match your […]

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August 6, 2011
IMG_5198 (640x427)

I woke up early this morning (well, I ways already awake!) to workout with Bob Harper of Biggest Loser fame!! I walked the half mile to the hotel and was greeted with a Quaker yoga mat. I thought we were going to be doing yoga! [Hello sock tan!] Everyone else had their shoes on, so […]

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Aw, Snap!

August 6, 2011
IMG_5169 (640x427)

Got some photos to share with y’all tonight!! I met up with Monica [who is also here via American Express] and we headed to the evening reception by the marina just as the sun was setting I found a local beer and was excited to fine amber + caramel malt at a mobile bar. My […]

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Swag Down, Feet Up

August 5, 2011
IMG_5149 (427x640)

^^ Story of my life! I am having the most glorious resting session in my hotel bed!! I can’t even tell you how nice it feels to put my feet up. My flats left my heels aching! I explored around this afternoon, peeking into some of the sponsor lounges   And stumbled upon afternoon snack […]

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Brand Candy

August 5, 2011
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This BlogHer feels so different than the others – because there is LIGHT! The main atrium where our meals are is light and bright and I even think the air conditioning MAY be slightly warmer than usual too! I’ve only had to put on my sweater twice when in the session rooms : ) I […]

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A Morning Date

August 5, 2011
IMG_5078 (640x427)

Good morning from the conference vacuum! I actually slept OK last night, but I was awake around 5:30 with less than 7 hours of sleep before my alarm went off! At least that’s the good part about morning runs on the west coast – you’re always awake early! A pre-run date! I’m so glad I […]

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