Maple Sesame Almonds

February 11, 2013

Plain almonds are good….but I find flavored almonds taste even better. I’m more likely to eat this superfood if they have a bit more complexity to them. I’m always looking for a protein-friendly snack to pair with fresh fruit in the afternoons, and these have been my go-to all week. Almonds make such a great […]

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March 12, 2012
2012-03-12 09.24.04Blog

Something is missing… [I’m still mad about the damage the porch painters did to our cork floors! The replacement tiles are not sun worn or showing any signs of color change..] Relocation… And in its place… A new bond was formed!!!!!!!!! My life-long dream is to have a fridge-top, freezer-bottom appliance. Just like the Barefoot […]

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A Nerd In The Library

February 21, 2008

I’m in the library surrounded by Encyclopedias! Nerd alert!! I’m trying to kill some time before our meeting at 5:30. It should be over at 7 and Christy and I decided that instead of eating at Subway or an “in case of emergency” food place, we’d rather just go home to make fresh foods. Works […]

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We’re Semi-Famous!!

January 12, 2008

Our wedding is on! Katherine + Matt, Durham, NC I think you have to join to see the slideshow, but it’s worth it So cool! We’re also in The Knot’s North Carolina Magazine this season – just small page. Early Breakfast I had a cup of French Vanilla tea when I woke up….. and […]

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Change of Plans

December 30, 2007

We were OUT THE DOOR to go running when the clouds broke and it started to pour. Normally I would have be secretly thankful to postpone the run, but I was pumped today and energized and VERY sad we had to turn around. Our gym, being a Christian YMCA, isn’t open on Sunday mornings, which […]

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Late Lunch

December 27, 2007

My meal times vary quite a bit when I’m not working – getting up three hours later pushes everything back!! I didn’t sit down to eat lunch until 2:45 today!! But considering I had breakfast at 11:15, that seems about right. Target was fun. I always end up spending more than I intend, but I […]

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Evolution of a Meal

December 19, 2007

Orange-Coriander Tilapia with Sugar-Snap Peas and Quinoa This recipe was born last week when we decided we hadn’t had sugar-snap peas in a while. We needed something cheap to go with them: frozen tilapia. And that was that. Then we got 5 oranges from the husband’s grandmother. It was decided that oranges would be involved […]

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