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  1. Happy birthday! You look great in the walk photos!

    Mazen looks uncomfortable there…poor little guy. Does he not like the camera? (I could see the flash bothering little eyes…) Still a cutie, though.

  2. Oh I forgot to add. Only a 1.6 pound loss this month. I think it was the beer. LOL! Got to get back to walking daily even if for 30 minutes. Time management has been hard this school semester. But I will get back on track. I promise

  3. Angel food cake is such a yummy dessert! I love it topped with strawberries!

    M is looking so big already! Amazing how fast he’s growing. Lucky little guy to have so many loving grandparents!

  4. Hey Kath, love seeing all the updates of M! I will be ready to pop here soon too and have our very own little one (Henry). Love getting all the great info you have, please keep it up! Also happy birthday. My thirty’s have been my favorite so far, pretty sure you’ll have a blast with yours… “Cheers!”

  5. I love that shirt! Yellow is your color!
    Why haven’t I ever thought to make pear oats? I’ve tried every other fruit…Must try that this week!

  6. Grandparent Explosion! Love it. We haven’t stopped having grandparent explosions for 7 months! I looked around this weekend and thought, “How weird…we didn’t see a single gradparent all weekend!” (they are 2 hours away…but that usually doesn’t stop them….nor do we mind!) Also, I always forget we share a birthday until this time every year…Happy Birthday week to us!! I have the golden 26th on the 26th this year! Hope you have something fun planned. It is my first as a family of 3 too!

  7. I turned 30 last year. It wasn’t too bad – 31 was worse for me. 🙂

    I’ve always thought babies get cuter with age – more facial expressions and personality. Maze is getting cuter every day. I’m jelaous of your fall colors – ours are all over with now after the windy weekend weather. Boo!

  8. Yes, what is it about canned green beans. They are so good and such a nice change from fresh once in a while.

    It looks like the grandparents were just eating Mazen up. 🙂 It’s nice to have the extra help, too. I’m sure they will make a point to come around even more.

    The yellow shirt you wore looks really nice. It’s a great color on you.

    Our trees are changing so fast up here in PA. One day the tree has green leaves and then overnight they are red and then gone. Amazing and beautiful!

  9. hi kath!
    why did you have to wear name tags to the picnic?
    also, do you want mazen to go to duke?! that would be so cool!
    — best, kat

  10. Wow your comment box is really wide today! Maybe my screen is having a hiccup though. Will refresh in a second…

    The cake looks awesome! all that fluffy frosting…I want to dig in, asap 🙂

    And love all the grandparents and that Mazen has all this lovin!

  11. Looks like a wonderful day! I wish we had a neighborhood association. Sounds nice 🙂

    Cake question!: Since your mom brought that cake over, how did she cover it without messing up the whipped cream frosting? Or did she wait to frost it until after she uncovered it and it was ready to be eaten?

  12. Yellow is a great color on you! I think bright colors really complement you. Two desserts and two sets of grandparents, that’s how you kick off a birthday week!! The baby blue angel food cake is so sweet. 🙂

  13. you have some of the best oatmeal bfast and best meals overall on here! where do you come up with all the amazing meal ideas?? i want you to become my personal meal planner!! 😉
    so i have started making overnight oats for bfast!! mm amazing!! i am trying to get creative, my creations seem so plain compared to yours though 😉 now in the am when i take my overnight oats out i like to heat it up for almost 2 mints, does that hurt the yogurt in the oats at all??

  14. Time away from family when your growing a cutie is tough—- they change so fast that if they don’t see them every other day, the little one is different already! My parents & sister are feeling that right now- so hard to be away. But, it makes the time with them super sweet!
    What a great 29th year you’ve had!!! 🙂

  15. What a lucky little guy to have so much grandparent love! My parents are gone and husbands parents don’t visit even though his Mom is just one state away…

    Few questions for you if you have the time: A) what kind of modifications did you make doing Body Pump classes thru your pregnancy? Would you lie down on your back on the step bench and do presses with the bar? I am guessing being on your back for that short period of time doesn’t matter much. B) Where did you buy good maternity workout clothes?

  16. Mazen looks adorable!! Mama does too! I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t like frosting so that whipped cream is a fantastic idea!

  17. I noticed you had three butternut squashes on your counter… my method of removing the outside doesn’t work well – how do you get the outside off?

  18. Wow that macaroni and cheese really lasted a long time! I’m so impressed with the way you are able to stretch your leftovers (and a dollar, I’m sure lol)!! I always get weirded out eating things after 2 or 3 days. lol Happy (almost) birthday!! You cake looks delicious!!

  19. That first photo is absolutely adorable! I thought he was SO cute when he was first born, but he just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Happy early birthday!

  20. Hi Kath! I’m a longtime reader but have never commented. (I know you get bombarded!) I just wanted to thank you for helping me along in body acceptance journey. I believe in healthy living and that it is a lifestyle and it’s not work when you love yourself and enjoy taking care of your mind and body. So thank you for the daily, monthly, yearly inspiration! It makes more of a difference than I could ever tell you!

  21. What a wonderful weekend! It’s fantastic that the Grandparents can come often to visit. I am right there with you on the green bean addiction. I love green beans, fresh, canned or frozen. I could eat them everyday. Early birthday blessings to you.

  22. Happy Birthday early! I turned 30 this year, too (May). I wasn’t totally in love with hitting my 30s, but I’ve adjusted 😉

  23. I LOVE your bright yellow top, so gorgeous! And every time I see Mazen’s little sewn-design onesies it makes me want to get out a sewing machine and go to town on some white onesies! Open an Etsy shop? Oh, gosh, so tempting (yet seems so impossible with a 6-week old!)

    Happy Monday! Your eat look fantaaasic, like always. Happy 30th this week!!

  24. Happy early birthday, Kath! That blue cake is great, and looks soooooo good to me right now. I am friends with anything covered in a thick blanket of whipped cream!

    Oh my, is it just me or does Mazen suddenly look older this week? And getting cuter by the day 🙂

  25. We share a birthday! Happy birthday to you! I enjoy reading your blog and sharing your joy in Mazen – he’s adorable!

  26. How do you keep your leftovers so fresh in the fridge for so long? I can only keep mine for 3-4 days before they go bad when I cover them in foil or plastic you do something different?

  27. Has anyone else tried making the whipped pear oats?? DELICIOUS!!! I used 1/4 cup oats, 1/2 cup skim milk, 1/2 pear, and 1/2 Tbsp flax seed stirred in at the end. With lots of cinnamon. It was so delicious!! Next time I’ll try slicing the pear into smaller pieces so that it melts and incorporates into the oatmeal even better.

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