July 9, 2013

Our weekend was full of summer fun. Hope yours was too! Friday night we went to Fridays After Five and picnicked. We had salads from our garden with goat cheese, tomatoes, corn off the cob, avocado and a homemade dressing, and of course I forgot to capture a photo! Here was the vibe: It was […]

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Vegetable Quiche with Homemade Crust

March 28, 2013

From Matt: Quiches are becoming one of my favorite foods – combining the rigor of baking with the craft of cooking satisfies both the scientist and artist within!  Quiche is the kitchen sink dinner (everything but the…).  Assuming you have enough eggs and milk, you can use whatever random ingredients or leftovers that are taking […]

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March 23, 2013

‘Twas a yummy week! Laid back. Hot then cold. Cold then hot. Spring came – and went away again! Does this jar look cold? It was. Overnight oats in a Sunbutter jar with coconut, chia, banana Another breakfast before the sun was up – coffee, fruit salad, egg, toast with Wild Friends  One morning I […]

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Ahead Of The Curve

November 30, 2012

Some days of motherhood just get away from you. I know you moms know what I mean – it’s 4pm and you still have 10 things you had hoped to squeeze into the day that you haven’t even gotten to think about doing. Not that being a mom in general isn’t hard work AND very […]

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