December 13, 2007

You’ll notice I started a tag cloud on the sidebar. This should help a LOT with finding recipes and ingredients!! I will be tagging posts from now on, but I don’t really have the time (or patience) to tag all my old posts. But I’ll do them as I can!

I’m going to stick to the ingredients so instead of “Pumpkin Yogurt” the tags will be “Pumpkin” and “Yougurt.” I think that makes the most sense.

I hope it’s useful!

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1 Christina December 13, 2007 at 3:01 pm

hi Kath!! love the blog. Not sure if you will know the answer to this question, but you work out a lot, so I’m going to give it a shot. Which do you think is better; circuit training or just plain weight lifting? I was working out today on my Bowflex, and I usually do circuit training where I incorporate jumping jacks and switch up my weight lifting routine. But the other day I thought I would switch it up and just lift for 12 reps, rest for a min or less, and then go back and do 12 more, rest again, and then 12 more. Now this is the same exercise all 3 times. I got A LOT more of a burn doing it that way, instead of doing a bench press for 12, then leg press for 12, etc. I’m not really trying to lose weight, maybe just 1 or 2 lbs, it’s more about toning and maintenance for me right now. Also I didn’t get rid of the jumping jacks, I still do them no matter what routine. Any ideas???


2 jenna December 13, 2007 at 3:22 pm

Hi Kath!
Snacking on something I think you would really like….its called a KIND Fruit and nut bar…the only ingredients are whole almonds, brazil nuts and peanuts and it has honey in it and bits of dried fruit holding it all together. Got them from whole foods but I know trader joes would have them as well. SUPER delicious! 170 calories and pretty filling because of all the yummy nuts. Just thought you might like to know :) Also-chocolate/peppermind vitasoy = amazing and my new fav.dessert! so creamy and good!

oh and ALSO…(haha theres always more!) I don;t know if you know that I started my own little food/culinary school blog (eatliverun.wordpress.com)…but I was wondering if maybe you could advertise my blog on your “favorite links” and I will advertise yours…I just need to figure out how to do that! We are pretty similar in our eating habits and I think people that read mine or read yours would really like and benefit from the other’s! Just a thought!

-jenna :)


3 Amy December 13, 2007 at 4:17 pm


Aside from traveling days when the option of exercise can be out of your control, how often do you take a day off?

It’s really hard for me to miss a day but I have heard that it can be beneficial to take a day off once in a while.

On a day off from exercise, would you eat the amount of calories that your “BMR” indicates or a few more?

Please tell the husband that I’m still laughing (in a good way) about his use of the concept of “force v. mass v. acceleration” to answer the question about whether walking or running into the supermarket burns more calories..it took me right back to physics class!

Thanks again for everything you do!

(oh and also, I know, as though this post isn’t long enough, this is the Amy who asked the sweet potato question and I found this ‘healthnote’ page on the website of Whole Foods about the difference between yellow & orange:

http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/wholebody/healthnotes/index.html (scroll down to ‘s’–sweet potatoes)

I’ve also heard that the yellow are known as ‘dry’ sweet potatoes and that the orange are known as ‘moist,’ as true yams are apparently many feet long..this still doesn’t compare their nutritional composition but it’s close enough!


4 Emily December 13, 2007 at 4:47 pm

Here’s a few “food finds” I have to share:

*As far as tea goes….my favorite is a nice warm mug of Lipton Vanilla Caramel Truffle! YUM

*I just made a really yummy concoction for my snack….1T of Athenos Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with 1T of Pumpkin! Dip it with whole wheat crackers and carrot sticks (or w/e)! It sounds wierd, but it’s actually good!

-I also wanted to ask you a ?…do you find that taking pics helps you “stay on track”? I have a little food blog, but I just post what I eat..to keep track (not everything gets posted b/c @ night sometimes a snack a little more). I am wondering if maybe I made the effort and added the picture feature, it might help me to avoid x-tra snacks?! Wondering what you think?


5 Lauren December 13, 2007 at 5:01 pm

Hi Kath,

LOVE the blog. You’re doing an awesome job. I have a quick question … what keeps you most motivated to eat healthy and exercise everyday? I try to be healthy, but sometimes I just lose motivation. What keeps you going? Thanks!



6 Danielle December 13, 2007 at 6:57 pm

I second the support of Jenna’s blog Kath :). You should really check it out!


7 the husband December 13, 2007 at 8:02 pm

Someone was asking about smoked salmon and I thought I’d chime in:

Smoking is a procedure that is exactly like it sounds – you burn some sort of hardwood, and divert the smoke it creates to the target food. Smoke, in addition to being flavorful, is a preservative. I’d just like to point out that smoking something does not cook it! But it does promote flavor and sanitation, which are the usual goals of cooking.

Smoking works especially well as a method of preservation when combined with curing – salt curing that is. Basically, cover something in salt until it’s such an inhospitable environment for bacteria that it’s safe for you to eat.

The most classic smoked and cured food is bacon! That’s right, they don’t just put “smoked” on the package to make you salivate (though that is one reason). Still, due to the modernization of the butchering industry, you’ll probably want to cook bacon. Most fish, on the other hand, is consumable raw, especially if it’s wild caught, and even more so when it’s smoked!

Science – it’s what’s for breakfast! (Also banana oatmeal.)


8 Ala December 13, 2007 at 8:36 pm

Hi Kath,

I have been debating starting my own blog up, and I was just wondering how long you tend to spend on the blog per day? Also, when you started it up, did you have to devote tons of time into figuring everything out? I’m just trying to gauge if I have enough time to spend on something like this, because it is a huge commitment! I admire how much effort you put into it each day (and quite frankly I am not sure if I would have the patience!)


9 Jennifer December 13, 2007 at 9:03 pm

Hey Kath,

Good Luck tomorrow. What did you think of the test? I really could not believe some of the questions, a few made me laugh thinking how could anyone get this one wrong. I think I will actually miss this class a little. If I was not so old I would give a thought to becoming a RD. I may have to look into the program. Question for you, you may have answered this one before, when you started your weight loss how many cals. did you strive for each day? Hope all goes well tomorrow.



10 Cathy December 14, 2007 at 12:51 pm

Jenna’s blog is great! I think you would really like it! I have definitely enjoyed it. Also, keep up the great work. I am going to attempt your oatmeal pancake this weekend! Thanks for the great video!


11 Kath December 14, 2007 at 1:53 pm

I’m not really an expert on weight lifting. I think you’re on the right track to keep your heart rate up between sets. If doing arms back-to-back gave you more of a burn, it probably meant you were working them harder!! Remember weight lifting is about challenging your muscles so they are repaired leaner and stronger, so it sounds like the set with the most burn would give you the best results.

Those bars sound good. I’ll key my eye out for them. Send me an email about your blog.

Thanks for the sweet potato info! And I’ll tell the husband – he is a nerd. As for rest days, I find that days when I can’t exercise come up just about every 10 days, so it works out quite well in my schedule to take a rest day then. My workouts during the week are sweaty, but they’re not super tough on my body – especially because I alternate between hard runs and spinning classes and “lighter” days of the elliptical. Although I burn just as many calories on the elliptical it’s easier on my muscles. But if my muscles do start to feel worn out, I do to stick to just walking or take a full day off (usually Sundays when the gym is closed till 12). I’m taking this Sunday off, actually!

I admit I should probably take rest days more often, but the truth is I just love exercising and the way it makes me feel!

Oh yeah, and when I do take a day off, I do cut my calories back. I try to stick closer to 1500 than 1800, but I don’t worry about meeting net. I just keep it a little lower.

Thanks for the food suggestions!! That tea sounds great. As for the food photos, I think that anything mindful that you do to increase your awareness of what you’re eating helps – a food journal, an online diary, a blog – or a photo blog. Honestly, the photos are a lot of work, so I don’t think if you’re not going to share them they would be worth the trouble, but you could at least try it out for a while and see what you think!

Loaded question!! I think it’s taken me 2 years to make the motivation to eat healthy and be active natural. Fit From Within has a chapter called “Fake It Until You Make It.” I’m going to blog about this soon in more detail but I think staying motivated is so natural now because of this principle. Read about it in this post http://www.katheats.com/?p=207

I love you!

I spend too much time on this blog, but I love it so it’s worth it!! Setting it up wasn’t hard, but it was rather confusing to get my own host, which allows me much more freedom to customize the blog. But if you go to Wordpress.com you can get a free blog and it’s very easy to get set up. You just have to pick something to blog about that you’re passionate about and want to put the work into keeping updated!

You should become an R.D. too and we could be study buddies at Winthrop!!! Actually, you probably have a good number of the foundation science courses, so you’re probably farther along than I am!! As for weight loss calories, I started out eating around 1600 (no net or anything because the weight just fell off once I started eating healthier and exercising a lot), then I found CalorieKing.com and netted 1350 for the longest time, then I moved it down to 1226 as I lost more weight. Hope that answers your question!

Thanks!! Hope you like the pancake!


12 Ashley Sue June 14, 2008 at 4:10 pm

I just wanted to say that I think you have chosen a great career that I think you will be amazing at. I had stumbled upon your previous blog of sleep, eat, sweat, repeat (sorry if I don’t remember it correctly) in November and was saddened when I noticed that you had not been making many additions. Then in just the last month I finally found this blog and love it! You are such an inspiration and your dedication to EVERYTHING is a great motivation to me. Thank you for your blog and good luck with all of your goals.


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