You Know I Like My Chicken [Pan] Fried

August 26, 2012

Good evening!! A fun day was had. Matt and I made a few videos (for upcoming project TBA in September) and then Karen and I went to see Hope Springs!! I loved the movie and found it hilarious – I had a smile on my face the whole first half!! The acting was brilliant and […]

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A Shirt Full

August 23, 2012

We measure things in horsepower, football fields and dog years, but do you know the latest tomato unit of measurement? A shirt full. Matt gave birth to 100 tomatoes from the garden! We have more than we know what to do with. Although of course spaghetti was at the top of the use list! Delicious […]

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Lycopene Explosion

July 30, 2012

I have more tomatoes for you! We have tons coming out of the garden – Matt brings in a shirt full a few times a week. He also keeps getting them at the markets, so we have had a continuous surplus for a few weeks now! Sometimes he eats them like apples. I am not […]

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Hotter Hotter Colder Colder

July 19, 2012

Fun afternoon and dinner!!! Look what arrived!! In love with the Midori green color. I can’t believe my baby will sit in this! Also on the baby front – Baby Central in progress. I’ve revamped this corner of the basement so it’s ready to receive toys, diapers, mom stuff and baby for playing, nursing and […]

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Dinner For Three

July 12, 2012

Was it a slow afternoon for you? [Bread snail at the bakery!] I went in to have a meeting with the Chief of Bread this afternoon. Came home and finished up a bunch of calls and things – there are a few things changing on KERF in terms of the way sponsorship manifests and things […]

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I Say Tomato

July 9, 2012

All went well at the doctors. I’m measuring right at 32 weeks, my blood pressure was 94/50, baby’s HR 144, weight good. My doctor felt around and found the baby’s head pretty well locked way down and his butt right in the middle where I feel it. He even felt a foot! (I just wrote […]

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Truck Stoppin’

July 5, 2012
2012-07-05 15.53.16

It’s funny how running errands with your husband can feel like a date : ) Especially two folks in the bed of a big ole truck! I had to go to Lowes; Matt had a few supplies runs to make so we shared the trip up 29-N. First stop: Shenandoah Joe’s to pick up a […]

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