Lycopene Explosion

July 30, 2012

I have more tomatoes for you! We have tons coming out of the garden – Matt brings in a shirt full a few times a week. He also keeps getting them at the markets, so we have had a continuous surplus for a few weeks now! Sometimes he eats them like apples. I am not […]

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Hotter Hotter Colder Colder

July 19, 2012

Fun afternoon and dinner!!! Look what arrived!! In love with the Midori green color. I can’t believe my baby will sit in this! Also on the baby front – Baby Central in progress. I’ve revamped this corner of the basement so it’s ready to receive toys, diapers, mom stuff and baby for playing, nursing and […]

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Dinner For Three

July 12, 2012

Was it a slow afternoon for you? [Bread snail at the bakery!] I went in to have a meeting with the Chief of Bread this afternoon. Came home and finished up a bunch of calls and things – there are a few things changing on KERF in terms of the way sponsorship manifests and things […]

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I Say Tomato

July 9, 2012

All went well at the doctors. I’m measuring right at 32 weeks, my blood pressure was 94/50, baby’s HR 144, weight good. My doctor felt around and found the baby’s head pretty well locked way down and his butt right in the middle where I feel it. He even felt a foot! (I just wrote […]

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Truck Stoppin’

July 5, 2012
2012-07-05 15.53.16

It’s funny how running errands with your husband can feel like a date : ) Especially two folks in the bed of a big ole truck! I had to go to Lowes; Matt had a few supplies runs to make so we shared the trip up 29-N. First stop: Shenandoah Joe’s to pick up a […]

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Eat Cake, Then Dinner

June 26, 2012

I brought back porch working this afternoon! It was a GLORIOUS day! Karen agreed with a nap : ) I took a 15 minute nap too (in the baby’s room) – 30 weeks has me in a tired cycle. I went to yoga tonight and there are 3 other women at 30 weeks and we […]

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Jumbo Shrimp

May 9, 2012

More rain. More overcast. I sure hope our garden is soaking up this weather because I am not!! Hoping for a litttttle sun tomorrow….Pretty please!? Dinner tonight was “cook shrimp with pantry flavors and serve over pasta.” Typical stock meal. The manifest: In one low-heat pot went: Chopped kalamata olives (from the pantry) Chopped sundried […]

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