12 Months of Real Food: Tomatoes

August 18, 2015
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I am loving the tomatoes coming out of our garden right now! They have so much flavor – bursts of sweet best eaten right from the vine. August’s 12 Months of Real Food post is all about this summer’s tomato bounty –   To clarify, OF the households that home garden, 93% grow tomatoes!! Bare […]

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Mediterranean Nachos

January 8, 2015

Karen and I had a lot of fun cooking while she stayed with us! We were brainstorming a meal plan one morning and stumbled upon this gorgeous recipe for Mediterranean Nachos. Kristy’s version is vegan and uses tofu as feta cheese and pita as the base. Karen and I adapted the recipe into our own […]

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Summery Pasta Salad

July 4, 2014

Happy 4th!! If you need a last minute picnic dish, this one is a good one. Pasta salads are my go-to picnic food. They are easy to assemble, pack up and eat on the go. They’re also very easy to customize! This one features fresh garden veggies and herbs, prepared pesto we froze last year, […]

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2013 Garden Update 2

August 15, 2013

Updates from Matt: I’m kinda wishing I had done one of these posts a few weeks back because the transition photos are impossible to compare!  Here’s back in April and May: And here’s now! Early morning shade makes it hard to distinguish anything but it’s clearly booming!  In the front you can see that the […]

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Accu-body Forecast

September 5, 2012

^^ Afternoon PB sandwich snack ^^ This afternoon I went to see Dr. Tate + Erica for a final chiropractic + massage appointment (one I wasn’t planning to schedule but did at the last minute!) Tate did acupuncture on me! This was the second time I’ve had it (my first was with Kristien in Charlotte.) […]

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American Pie

August 29, 2012

Other post titles considered: Baby Pie Little Pie Today was go,go,go. Nonstop from one thing to the next. The good news is it did take my mind off the fact that my life is about to change, but the bad news is I’m completely exhausted!! I cleared my calendar for tomorrow until dinnertime. I had […]

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Lunar Baby

August 27, 2012

[No he’s not here   Sorry for the title!] Did you know there is a full moon on my due date? And not just any ole full moon – a BLUE moon! I am always looking for the meaning in things. I was hoping for a birthday of 8.26.12 because 2+6 is 8 and 2×6 […]

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