Summer Vegetable Salad

September 30, 2013

Summatime, summatime, sum sum summatime. As the days grow shorter, so does our time left with summer produce. Lovely tomatoes. Fresh okra. Crisp green beans. Peppers that bite. They all come together in this salad that is as healthy as it is delicious. The star of the show is fresh lima beans I picked up […]

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Lately With Mom

August 19, 2013

My mom came to visit last week and we took an adventure to Baltimore to visit my grandmother and to NYC for the day for an event for Smucker’s that I’m working on! It was strange to go from the end of a weekend to a fun and exciting visit to another weekend. Weekends bridged […]

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July 22, 2013

Hiya foodies! Eats from last week: Breakfasts I classed up my overnight oats in a lovely yogurt container. Combined with iced coffee, zero dishes to do! Woo hoo! I don’t really mind washing dishes that much, but it’s just the fact that I have to wash the same dishes over and over and over and […]

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August 26, 2012

The garden that keeps on giving!!! What are we going to do with all of this!? Gazpacho is in the future… We barely made a dent with our lunches: BLTs!! But I proclaim that every BLT should also have a little C – cheese. Can’t eat enough cheese all year. On the side – a […]

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Far From Lazy, But Not Crazy

August 5, 2012

Did you miss me!? We packed a lot in today – there was little relaxing until the evening. BUT that means that I am going to chill tomorrow instead! I worked on a handful of projects – both business and household – so settling down with a movie this evening was extra sweet. Laundry : […]

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Chilled Pizza For One

August 1, 2012

I went on a late walk this morning and was so hungry on my return trip that I planned my entire lunch in advance so it would be “ready” when I walked in the door. As in – no thinking required, just doing. [Also I’d like to recommend the Better Homes & Gardens Storage issue […]

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Ain’t Nothin’ Like

July 30, 2012

You know that Brad Paisley song? “Ain’t Nothin’ Like?” I have it stuck in my head – about this tomato! I went to Pump Challenge this morning. I keep losing equipment! First it was the heavy weights, then the bar, and now the step! Our class is not traditional Body Pump – it’s more like […]

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