Kath Eats Parchment Tilapia

February 5, 2008

Video post time! We pulled this together at the last minute – hope you like it Recipe: The packets had layers of: Spinach (1 large bunch, washed and trimmed) Baby Bok choy ( 3 small heads, washed and trimmed) Julienne carrots, celery and red pepper (about a cup each?) 2 3.5-4 oz fish fillet Lemon […]

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The Fish Flopped, But We Fixed It

January 25, 2008

Mediterranean Tilapia with Mustard Greens + Roasted Potatoes  This was another one of those “turned out better than planned” dinners – all because the fish flopped! By flopped, I mean that we used a non-non-stick pan to sear him in some EVOO and he stuck to it. Instead of nice and crispy fish we got […]

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Lunch in the Dining Room!

January 18, 2008

Lunch at home was fantastic!!! My classes zipped by today and Physio was a LOT better. I think she gets that we need a little explanation to go along with the 50 slides! I got home around 12:30 and had fun making this lunch at home and not having to eat from plastic bags I […]

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Evolution of a Meal

December 19, 2007

Orange-Coriander Tilapia with Sugar-Snap Peas and Quinoa This recipe was born last week when we decided we hadn’t had sugar-snap peas in a while. We needed something cheap to go with them: frozen tilapia. And that was that. Then we got 5 oranges from the husband’s grandmother. It was decided that oranges would be involved […]

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