Bowls + Birdies

December 4, 2012

Don’t worry oatmeal, I still luv ya! Just a bowl of Coach’s Oats with pumpkin stirred in and some Justin’s Chocolate Almond and Barney Butter swirl on top. Plus spiced pecans! M and I went to Pump this morning, meaning the weight class and not the thing that helps milk flow : ) On the […]

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When You’re Out Of Yogurt

July 2, 2012

Ice cream will do! Just a tiny scoop of vanilla bean under a juicy nectarine after my chiropractic appointment! Must replenish yogurt soon – I can’t live without it! But this ice cream sure was a good substitute! A few hours of writing later….we made shrimp scampi! We polished off the shrimp from the low […]

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Tipsy On Apples

May 19, 2012

Not me, the baby! Judging from his little wiggles in there, he liked it! Sparkling Apple Cider: just like champagne on a Saturday night (plus too much sugar and minus just a wee bit of fun) Afternoon projects. What could this be!? Followed by Saturday night relaxed dinner. I was so glad to come home […]

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Jumbo Shrimp

May 9, 2012

More rain. More overcast. I sure hope our garden is soaking up this weather because I am not!! Hoping for a litttttle sun tomorrow….Pretty please!? Dinner tonight was “cook shrimp with pantry flavors and serve over pasta.” Typical stock meal. The manifest: In one low-heat pot went: Chopped kalamata olives (from the pantry) Chopped sundried […]

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My Little Sardine

May 1, 2012

Good news this afternoon!! He’s healthy from head to toe. And he’s still a boy !! Little leg, little fist   The sardine shot! Nice [non-edible] spine : ) More details about the big U/S on BERF on Friday! I got home just in time for a snack before I jetted off to prenatal yoga. […]

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Stop And Smell The Roses, Then Put Flowers In A Jar

March 1, 2012

Today has just not been the best day physically. It’s like I’m back in week 9 with stomach mood swings of nausea and now a headache! Also I could barely keep my eyes open this afternoon – flashbacks from a month ago. Luckily I was able to take it easy today and caught up on […]

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Cream Top

February 7, 2012

Today has not been as good as the rest of the days this past week in terms of nausea. I skipped my medicine at lunch (because I was out and went straight to the bakery) and started to feel it coming on by dinnertime. It’s rather remarkable to think about, really. Our Great Harvest website […]

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