Wonderful Day In The Neighborhood

September 2, 2009

My busy day is going well so far! Sometimes it’s nice to have a full schedule that does not include "thinking time" I.E. lots of computer work like my normal days. After a read Real Food Consultation phone call with a reader, I headed down to my old neighborhood, Ballantyne, to meet Victoria for a […]

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KERF Gets Cool

May 19, 2009
IMG_6410 (1024x768)

OMG!! I am finally technologically cool! Needless to say this guy has been occupying my attention all evening. And as you also probably guessed, I am being so nerdy with the apps. I am not happy with the fact that ToDoist doesn’t have one yet! And I’d like to Sync my Google Calendar and haven’t […]

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SO COOL (and Weird)

January 14, 2008

This day is SO weird. I’m totally a college student again!! I just kind of slipped right back in! It feels quite different than my undergrad experience, though. The campus is really pretty, and I’ve already done 25 minutes of walking without even planning a walk! And it’s so cool that I “worked” for 2 […]

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Late Lunch

December 27, 2007

My meal times vary quite a bit when I’m not working – getting up three hours later pushes everything back!! I didn’t sit down to eat lunch until 2:45 today!! But considering I had breakfast at 11:15, that seems about right. Target was fun. I always end up spending more than I intend, but I […]

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