Lately: Risotto Week

April 5, 2013

Strawberry season is upon is. These might not be at peak deliciousness yet, but it was fun to branch beyond bananas, apples and oranges for a week. I had a pile for breakfast with an egg and some almond butter toast featuring Justin’s Maple almond butter! Another morning: hot whipped banana oatmeal in a Wild […]

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Weekend Visitors

April 2, 2013

Grammie Buzz and Pea came to visit this weekend! (Grand Pepaw has transformed into simply P which I think is cuter as Pea!) We had a great time eating and playing. Thursday we went on our date night. Before we left, we set the grandparents up with homemade pizza, salad and wine. We put Mazen […]

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Scalloped Edges

May 7, 2011

After a crazy week of unpredictability, Matt and I settled into a really fancy dinner! And one we cooked ourselves too. This afternoon I biked over to Seamane’s and then to the bakery. We had a malfunctioning label printer that I fixed after an hour (turns out Matt had SKIPPED a step of installation!!) We […]

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Let There Be Light!

March 13, 2011

Ahhhhh!!! The sun was still out for dinnertime. No more dark dining rooms!!! Hello beautiful dining room What’s for dinner? A pantry staple creation:     Smoked Goat Cheese Risotto with Sherry Mushrooms Los ingredients The frozen bean & greens blend is from Whole Foods. Nice time saver! I only wish there had been more greens […]

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Craving Karen

July 10, 2010
IMG_7028 (640x427)

Back at Hotel Karen!! After that small lunch today, I was sure craving carbs this afternoon!! Karen was too! We both had small bowls of cereal upon my arrival home. Kashi Vanilla Island and Quaker Oatmeal Squares – Then we shared a banana a few hours later before we all went to exercise   Matt, […]

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Celine + Vin

November 2, 2009
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I feel like I don’t cook much anymore. Sure we throw together dishes for dinner everynight, but it’s usually pantry + freezer based and I don’t enjoy it. So I decided with my test over with, I’d devote tonight to cooking and enjoy every minute. Of course that means sipping a little Black Box Wine […]

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We Have A Winner!

April 8, 2008

Steel Cut Oat Risotto with Butternut + ‘Shrooms WOW. wow!! This was SO GOOD!!! I don’t think I have ever made such a flavorful recipe. And I think I owe it all to the Imagine Brand Vegetable Broth. I used this guy because we were out of our homemade, but it had SO much flavor […]

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