The Summer Apple

May 22, 2012

Our sun is OUT!! We’ve been having tons of these gloomy mornings that turn into beautiful days. I’ll take it. I did some sit-down work, then 1.5 hours of housework, then more sit-down work. The middle of that sandwich was exhausting! I scrubbed baseboards and the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, among other […]

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I Need A Broomstick

May 4, 2011

Because I’m flying from one meeting to another!! How much more efficient [and fun!] would that be! Got home from a late meeting at 1:30 ready for lunch. I decided to whip up a quick stir-fry. In general I crave cold lunches – sandwiches, salads, fruit, snack plates – but sometimes a hot lunch sounds […]

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Grilled Surprise

May 2, 2011

Man was today full of surprises. Not the good kind! We discovered [luckily early] that our IKEA tables are the wrong height! I think this is probably my fault, and I feel terrible. We think we will be able to exchange them for the right size within a week’s turnaround, and IKEA has been truly […]

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Kath Eats Real Food For Real

January 24, 2010
IMG_4320 (640x427)

This has been such a rejuvenating weekend and just what I needed. Hope I can get reservations at the KERF Spa again soon! From nourishing meals to fun exercises to relaxation, this weekend had it all (wish Matt and I could have spent more time together though!) This afternoon I worked on an academic project […]

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June 6, 2009

One of my favorite things about the weekends is turning activities + todos into a workout. I didn’t really have much planned that could be one, so I invented things. First I went on a walk while I called my mom and grandparents to chat. I ended up walking for over an hour, and it […]

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Tropical Smoothie Crunchy Soup

June 6, 2009
IMG_7232 (1024x768)

I’ve been creating this breakfast in my head for a long time – Pineapple Coconut Smoothie Soup! It started as a pineapple + coconut milk smoothie, but when I thought about drinking it through a straw, I changed it to a soup It overflowed the bowl! 1 small ripe banana 1 heaping cup fresh pineapple […]

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Dreaming Of Hot Weather

May 18, 2009

Workout – check. Grocery shopping – check. Lunch – check. Just after blogging we biked to the gym and back with 40 minutes of ellipticalling in-between. Short and efficient. We continued the bike ride to Harris Teeter for some fresh goodies. Collards, chard, green beans, raspberries, bananas, mango, tofu, apple, cuc, spinach, watermelon, peach, 4 […]

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