August 28, 2012

Well, the crew is not here. They are on flight delay #2. They might not even come! I imagine we will just have to reschedule for after baby if they can’t get here in time. Such a bummer, I’ve been waiting all day! Lunch today was leftover corn + tomato + bean salad – with […]

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Heat & Eat

July 1, 2012

I really can’t remember heat like this in my life. There are very, very few days of the year that I don’t want to go outside and this is most definitely one of them! Our family discussed going on a hike, but I went on a 15 minute walk to a pool and back to […]

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2 Down, 1 To GO

March 3, 2008

Both Physio and Chem tests went well – now I just have one more lab quiz and I’m done for the day! I packed a PB&J on Kath’s Breakfast Bread for lunch. It was thick, gooey, and delicious! This bread is dense and hard to get a thin slice out of so I usually just […]

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