Oatmeal Pancake

Flat As A

September 5, 2012

Highlights of the night: bathroom break, a few Braxton Hicks, 1.5 hours of reading in dim lighting, a handful of grapes. Thankfully I slept in just a bit so I’m not feeling tooo tired. It’s the 3-hour insomnia nights that are killer! Remember oatmeal pancakes!? I used to make these all.the.time. I stopped for two […]

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An Old Friend

November 1, 2009
IMG_7366 (640x427)

I decided to make an old recipe last night: an oatmeal pancake!! I used to eat these probably every third day or so. What happened!? (If you click the recipe page above, you’ll find the video too – me almost 2 years ago!) There are two reasons why I never make them anymore: 1) I […]

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Perky Pancake

August 10, 2009
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How long has it been since I’ve made an oatmeal pancake!? A whole year??! I’ve seen a few in blogland and decided today was as good a day as any since we restocked our egg supply yesterday. I used to always make them with carton egg whites, but I don’t buy them any more (not […]

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I’m Late, I’m Late!

August 27, 2008

No time to type today, somehow the time got away from me. Probably because I decided to make an oatmeal pancake! We don’t have any egg whites or instant oats. I sort of gave up keeping them on hand since I mostly just used them for pancakes anyway, so I exchanged them for a whole […]

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Bright Breakfast, Dreary Day

March 31, 2008

It’s so gross outside! Cold and rainy. April thinks her showers need to start a day early. I’m ready for May! Pumpkin bread got me out of bed this morning I had a slice pre-workout with some almond butter: I had a great workout at the gym – 45 minutes on the ET followed by […]

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Easy Decision, Hard Decision

March 10, 2008

Oatmeal Pancake with Banana, Walnus and Flax It was an easy decision to skip my workout this morning: 1) It was 3:50 a.m. when my alarm went off (well, not really but you know what I mean with daylight savings and all) 2) I stayed up 30 minutes later than usual studying for Physio. Put […]

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Another Late Breakfast

January 21, 2008

I used to get so mad when I was working (well, just 2 years in a row ) when we didn’t have MLK off as a holiday. Well now I do again! It’s mighty cold out there today, but nice and cozy in our house. My day started before sunrise (but not at 5:00!) with […]

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