Pushcart Breakfast

January 16, 2012

We had one final stop on our tour of NYC this weekend – a visit to Pushcart Coffee, which KERF reader Lisa opened last year! She actually was thinking about moving to Cville and came to visit me but yesterday I got an email that she had a change of heart and bought a coffee […]

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Chill Night

January 15, 2012

After a wild and crazy weekend, it was nice to have a calm evening tonight. But I swear it has gotten even COLDER! We spent 2 weeks in Montana last January and I swear it was never this cold! I headed to the Healthy Happier Bear HQ to rendezvous with Ashley for a manicure this […]

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A Taste Of The Big Apple

January 15, 2012

Mornin’ y’all! I’ve been doing my own thing this morning to make the most of my NYC visit. I slept in and then whisked myself over to Whole Foods for a quick bite before meeting friends for yoga. Plain yogurt, fruit and cereal from the salad bar! Ashley and Melissa met me at Strala Yoga […]

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Studio Canada

January 14, 2012

Our evening began with an early dinner at a uber cool Latin restaurant called Rayuela. Swankin’ it up! Our table shared some vino And enjoyed mint chocolate chip ice cream… I mean, olive butter to spread on rolls! I had the Paella Verde for my entrée – a mix of clams, shrimp and conch over […]

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A Brown Breakfast

January 14, 2012

Good morning!! It seems obvious that NYC has tons of amazing restaurants, but what I can’t believe is how many totally cool, hip, funky, modern places are on every. single. block! I want to try them all. I suppose even if you lived here you wouldn’t have the time, money or stomach space to do […]

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