Girl’s Best Friend

January 4, 2013

Good morning friends! I know some of you love to hear baby reports and others of you could care less and find them distracting, so I’ll refrain from giving sleep status updates until things get a little better (optimism!) It’s so hard not to set the tone for my post based on how rested I […]

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Eyes Wide Shut

October 18, 2012

Yay for a great night of sleeping and a great day of napping!! We were up at 7 today and met our new friend Kipton for a refreshing morning walk! One hour and about 3 miles later, we were off to a great start to the day. Post-walk breakfast was a bowl of greek yogurt […]

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Medicinal Beer

February 7, 2011

Today was nonstop! Still working – typing up my blog post and listening to another webinar – this one on Mindful Eating. This afternoon I headed to Michael’s to pick up some items for our Great Harvest gift baskets next week and went up to Whole Foods for our weekly groceries. While I was out […]

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Family Feast

October 4, 2009
IMG_4362 (640x427)

Matt and I went out walking (~40 mins) this afternoon and I came home to some of Maggie‘s tea – 2 hours later Karen arrived for dinner and I was presented with a glass of wine at my desk! We enjoyed a wonderful family dinner tonight with Karen. Matt did all the cooking while the […]

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I’m Brown, da ba dee da ba die

October 2, 2009
sams club (480x640)

Matt and I went to Sam’s Club today to check it out. He now has a membership through work and can flash the card to enter on the weekends too. I was NOT impressed by Sam’s. Overall, there were many of the same things as in Costco, but it was missing a lot of Costco’s […]

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KERF Health Spa

November 20, 2008

I asked Anna to do a guest blog post – here she is!! Hello, it’s the cousin, here!  Well, I suppose I’m not THE cousin since there are several of us all over the nation, so I shall refer to myself as A cousin. Hello, A cousin, here! I have been at Katherine and Matt’s […]

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