Weekend: Picnics + Bow Ties

April 30, 2013

Another weekend filled with fun to share with you all! Fridays After Five have begun, which means we have plans every Friday until September! It was so much fun to take Mazen, although a bit tricky to work around naps and bedtime. We took his dinner and ours to go and things worked out well […]

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Lately: A Visit From Gran Bett

April 27, 2013

Matt’s Gran Bett came to visit for the second half of our week so our playtime and mealtimes were extra fun! Four Generations!! Recapping some of the week’s eats: For breakfast I had oatmeal with maple almond butter, cottage cheese, strawberries and banana This delicious plate of eggs, toast, and fruit Overnight oats with coffee […]

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Dinner In Five

April 22, 2013

About once a week I put “rice and beans” on our meal plan as one of our vegetarian meals. It’s one of my favorite weeknight dinners, especially enhanced with cheese, Greek yogurt and avocado. It’s also super easy to prepare – especially if you have a rice cooker or leftover rice on hand. There are […]

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February 18, 2013

Fun fun week coming to an end! Breakfasts Blended buckwheat porridge!! [Post coming this week] French toast on Cville Crunch bread Baked oatmeal with bananas, coconut and coffee More French toast. More coffee! Valentine’s overnight oats made with coach’s oats, buckwheat, banana, chia, yogurt/milk, and Wild Squirrel drippy nut butter! Hot oats with granola + […]

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Peace & Quiet

August 19, 2012

I’ve always struggled with being able to relax. Often I will do something calm for an hour and then my mind will start to drift to (fun) things to do and relaxation is over. However, I find organizing and getting things done so fulfilling that it’s often just my way of relaxing! The point of […]

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A Peck Of Peppers

August 12, 2012

We’ve had a wonderful day from lunch through dinner! Today’s weather here was just PERFECT! Still balmy with cicadas, but cool enough that there’s just a touch of autumn in the air and it’s totally comfortable outside. Mid-morning Matt and I went hiking on the Monticello Trail. 4 miles up and down – cool and […]

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Throw Me A Bone

June 25, 2012

Mountain or mole hill? I’ve had a baby limb in my belly button all morning. On the one hand, it’s very fun to feel!! On the other, ouch!! Bones hurt! Pump Challenge fun! I’m modifying so much now I wonder if I should just do my own weight routine in the weights area. I hate […]

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