January 6, 2013

Saturday!! I’ve been making so many cooked breakfasts that I forgot how awesome it is to have one that involves zero cooking or cleanup. Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to finish my coffee, so I saved it in the fridge to reheat today, and I made overnight oats, which are as low maintenance as […]

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Prune Juice

August 10, 2011

As I knew I would be, not two hours after that big ole salad (nearly the same one I had yesterday) I was slammed with stomach pains and hunger! Thankfully I had 10 sheet pans of granola to take from for a snack. Clusters rock. And I had a Siggi’s in the cooler to pair […]

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Holiday Hoopla

April 24, 2011

After a long and hot afternoon, we had Karen over for a rustic Easter dinner. On the menu: Lamb Stew over Brown Rice And grilled cabbage + zucchini The stew incorporated another third of the big lamb leg we got from the Organic Butcher a few weeks ago. Karen paid for it, so we’re cooking […]

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Dinner On Location

April 18, 2011

Today was filled up with outings – tomorrow is going to be more computer-heavy. Boo! First I went grocery shopping. To Whole Foods. It’s a rare occasion that I don’t go when 1) I’m hungry 2) We’re on the way back from vacation 3) I have to get in and out as fast as possible […]

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Crampy, Hungry, Weepy, Happy

June 8, 2010
IMG_4481 (640x427)

Hiya! Another day at work has passed. 3.5 weeks to go! I have so much reading + case study working to do before I finish my internship. And 3 new rotations! Afternoon snack: I wasn’t that hungry but knew I needed something before my run for some energy. Wish I hadn’t eaten this because it […]

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Dance Party For 2

May 1, 2010
IMG_1810 (640x427)

The feet are ready for dancin’! If you can’t tell in the sunshine, they’re metallic purple! Pedi was awesome! Somebody was supposed to be reading at Barnes + Noble, but I found him at EarthFare with a beer instead! Guilty as charged At least it was organic – with a bison on the front! Then […]

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Go GrEEk

February 20, 2010

Fun fun afternoon with my ! We raced out of our house to make way for the buyers. No word on any offers yet, but we did find evidence they were here – lights left on and a business card for their realtor! We’ve also had two cars drive by our house and slow down, […]

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