Rock + Rolls

November 23, 2011

It’s been a wild and rockin’ day!!!!! But in all seriousness, a really really great one!! We’ve been on fire – making a whole extra batch of Virginia Rolls that came out of the oven at 3. Everyone wanted rolls today!! Next year: make three times the rolls [and alphabetize the order sheets!!] Lunch break!! […]

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Happy Breadsgiving!!

November 23, 2011
IMG_8949 (600x450)

Today has been just madness – so many things to do, so many customers, so many orders! I’ve been breaking a sweat running around – seriously. But it’s fun. I love being this kind of busy for this kind of boss. I’ve been merchandising guru and working on making our retail items look beautiful and […]

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Stuck In A Swirl Of Bread

November 22, 2011
IMG_1368 (400x600)

Busy days are the BEST!! We have tons and tons of bread – for sampling and purchase Pumpkin Oh’s + Pecan Pies And our Pumpkin Swirl bread – with which I just fell in love <3 For lunch I bypassed a sandwich and made a tasting plate. I need to do this more – it […]

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Tis The Gift To Be Simple

November 15, 2011

You would think some of the bookkeeping, bill paying or bread making would be the more challenging parts of owning a bakery. But really keeping on top of the retail side is one of the most difficult! Keeping products in stock, ordering new things, packaging them well and label, label, label. We always feel like […]

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First Shift

November 12, 2011
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Matt called me when he got to the bakery this morning …help was needed! For about 10 seconds I groaned at the thought of being jolted from bed… And then I was racing downhill on my bike (awesome) and then I was greeted by my lovely friends (“employees” just doesn’t do them justice) And then […]

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Baked Good Shuffle

October 20, 2011
IMG_8772 (600x450)

Been a great day here – nice weather (although it’s getting cloudy!), a nice workout and a very productive afternoon. A run was on my agenda today, but instead I ended up walking 2 miles to the butcher and back, then dropping off my meat, running 2.5 miles, then showering and walking a mile to […]

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Doom + Gloom

August 27, 2011

THANKFULLY there was no rain this morning, but we can feel the hurricane in the air So here’s a cheerful breakfast to brighten your day I was up at 6:30 after a restless night. There was a stink bug crawling on my arm, and both Matt and I had trouble falling sleep. I think we […]

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