Kitchen Bunching

April 10, 2012

Do you know the term “baby bunching?” It’s when you have your kids back-to-back to rough out the young times all at once. Today was kitchen bunching! I dirtied up the same bowl and pans and food processer with multiple recipes so I’d only have to clean them once : ) Recipe #1 was coconut […]

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Orange Ya Glad It’s Friday!?

May 30, 2008

Since I was out of lab early last night, I was able to get in bed early and got up at 5:00 for spinning this morning! I always leave the gym feeling satisfied after a hard spinning workout. Before I left – a frozen banana walnut scone with PB – (note the plate not even […]

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Wedding Bells

May 23, 2008

While our real wedding anniversary isn’t until June 2, we’re celebrating this weekend at Bald Head Island. To kick things off, the husband ordered a bouquet of my wedding flowers! So sweet! The flowers were probably my favorite piece of all the wedding decor – they turned out much prettier than I ever imagined. We […]

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Granola Part II

May 22, 2008

I couldn’t resist having the same breakfast I had yesterday – oatmeal with banana, flax, homemade granola and almond butter. I am LOVING this granola!!! The oats are very crunchy, the honey is sweet, the almonds are toasted and the coconut flavor just scents it all. I did swap the PB for AB today With […]

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Weeknight Torture

May 20, 2008

Chemistry was PAINFUL tonight. Unbearably painful. This man is nuts. I wanted to scream when he started lecturing to us a third time about all the bad things he would do if we were 2 minutes late to lab. Then a boy got yelled at for not having his syllabus with him. Then a girl […]

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