Lately: Last Week’s Eats

September 2, 2013

Lots to report on the food front! We stepped up our dinners a bit, and I also had a nice variety of breakfasts. Hold on tight… Apple Scrapple toast with sunbutter, coffee and a smoothie I made the day before with spinach, banana, milk and yogurt.   Yogurt, peach, granola and sunbutter. Cooked figs, toast, […]

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August 26, 2013

Hope your week was filled with Legos and lima beans! I enjoyed some really good ingredients – local trout and lima beans, hot oatmeal and a new overnight oats mix. Let’s get to it! A crumbled Great Harvest whole wheat blueberry lemon muffin topped with peach, banana, chia, sunbutter and Greek yogurt Doesn’t this look […]

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Far From Lazy, But Not Crazy

August 5, 2012

Did you miss me!? We packed a lot in today – there was little relaxing until the evening. BUT that means that I am going to chill tomorrow instead! I worked on a handful of projects – both business and household – so settling down with a movie this evening was extra sweet. Laundry : […]

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Neon Green

March 26, 2012

Everything in Southern Virginia is GREEN! My drive home today was just gorgeous. I hate that I can’t take photos while I drive, so I pulled over on a mountain for the ‘scenic view’ shot! [Look past the brown bushes up front!] We wrapped up the conference with two awesome presentations. I took the Food […]

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October 13, 2009
IMG_5346 (640x427)

I go through phases with Pandora – I’ll listen to it every day for a week and then get tired of it slowing down my computer or being open in a browser tab and take a month hiatus. Today I have it ON and I am loving all of the songs pumping out of my […]

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Baker’s Bedtime!

July 16, 2009
IMG_9139 (1024x768)

Can’t stay and chat – I have a Baker’s Bedtime tonight of 8:45! Wake-up tomorrow is at 3:45, and that’s even pushing it to get to the airport. I’ve got everything all laid out and ready to go. We’ll just need to shower, dress and GO. I packed some snacks to get me through my […]

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An Apple (Frittata) A Day

September 16, 2008

I am stressing out tonight because I revisited my course plan and found a glitch that would mean I can’t do my Dietetic Internship until Spring of 2011, which would leave me idle for a few semesters just waiting around until I have the letters by my name to work in the industry. It wouldn’t […]

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