Collard Greens


January 29, 2013

Dinners of note! I made a big pot of chili to have on a cold night and saved half for a new mama I went to visit. This soup contained beef, pinto beans, lentils, frozen corn, frozen greens and canned tomatoes, plus chili powder, cumin and garlic powder. Loved the addition of lentils, and the […]

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Why Did The Family Cross The Road?

January 2, 2013

Somehow Matt and I managed to accumulate about 7 hours of sleep between 1am when we went to bed and 8:15am when Mazen woke up. I was very thankful that early morning wake-ups were snuggly and brief and we started 2013 as rested as parents can be with a four month old. My first trimester […]

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Oh Happy Days

April 14, 2012

Mental work is very gratifying. But do not under estimate the happiness that emerges after a day of physical work! As in cleaning, selling, organizing and sorting papers at the bakery. We [Alex, Sarah, Matt and I] closed down the business with a sparkling shine this evening. And it made coming home to relax all-the-more […]

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Trail Blazin’

March 6, 2012

NO CAVITIES! Cue this flashback photo from my last visit in August. Whee! Amy the Hygienist and I talked about babies the whole appointment. Well she talked, and I mumbled a lot I actually really do like getting my teeth cleaned. All the poking and scraping feels good (probably because I have tough gums from […]

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Clean Slate

January 1, 2012

Today was all about getting our house in order for the year ahead. Unpacking. Cleaning. Laundry. And removing every single Christmas decoration I laid my eyes on! I have this thing about Christmas décor that the second December 26 arrives it all just looks like horrible clutter to me. Everything is packed away until next […]

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Whole Soup

November 18, 2011

That brown looking blob is not a Tootsie Roll in my soup. [Or any other little brown thing you can think of.] It’s a huge bean!!! I found these HUUUUGE beans in our Whole Foods bulk bins. I love huge beans! The bigger the better – they have more meat to chew. Last night I […]

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Bright Green Broth

April 6, 2011

I’m back! Man things are busy. We never stop working on the bakery these days, and me being gone meant we had a lot of things to do together this afternoon. My trip from Alexandria to Cville was great. I’m listening to Water For Elephants on audio book from Liking it so far! Sadly […]

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