Shelfin’ It

July 1, 2012

The shelf is pretty fun – just don’t let a kick knock over your snack!! This tasty little plate was filled with treats that Matt brought me while I was reading this afternoon – cheddar, berries, pretzels and a few frosted mini wheats It’s fun having Karen here – company always makes a house feel […]

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Eat Cake, Then Dinner

June 26, 2012

I brought back porch working this afternoon! It was a GLORIOUS day! Karen agreed with a nap : ) I took a 15 minute nap too (in the baby’s room) – 30 weeks has me in a tired cycle. I went to yoga tonight and there are 3 other women at 30 weeks and we […]

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Ants In My Pants

August 28, 2009
IMG_1456 (480x640)

Whilst in the middle of doing some ab rolling at the gym, I felt a sting on my left (butt) cheek. You know how sometimes your skin just hurts for a second? That’s what I thought it was. But it got worse and I got goose bumps and suddenly I realized something was biting me. […]

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Snip Snip

August 27, 2009
IMG_1434 (480x640)

I was lucky enough to have top of the line service today when our kitchen turned into a beauty parlor! Matt‘s friend from Great Harvest, Kris, has a cosmetology license and came over to cut his hair – and I asked if she could give me a trim as well! It was FUN!!! Thanks so […]

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April 7, 2008

Mexican Polenta, Bean + Cheese Casserole I’ve been craving Mexican and this hit the spot It was inspired by a number of recipes I have seen recently but the combo was basically what we had on hand: Frozen peppers (3 cups) Frozen corn (1 cup) Diced tomatoes (1 can, drained) Cooked navy beans (1 cup […]

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